As Doğuş Otomotiv, "Traffic is Life!" in order to raise awareness of traffic safety in all segments of society since 2004. Within the scope of the corporate responsibility platform, we carry out awareness projects on traffic safety and responsibility in traffic.

As Doğuş Otomotiv, we prioritize traffic safety within the scope of social responsibility and report the projects we realize within the scope of Corporate Responsibility Report every year in line with the principle of benefiting the society and share them with all stakeholders.

We aim to add the traffic safety phenomenon to the daily life of the society with the projects we have structured with the aim of raising social awareness and creating cultural change.

In line with this aim, a strategy that opens up to the whole society, starting with our colleagues, is followed and we see our children as the primary target group, the guarantee of our future.

With the main theme of traffic safety, "Traffic is Life!" for 18 years in order to raise awareness of both drivers and pedestrians. Its slogan and logo have become the general social participation practice, in which Doğuş Otomotiv gathers all of its corporate works on this subject under the same title.

"Traffic is Life!" As of 2015, we have been organizing interactive projects and competitions for young people in order to evaluate and disseminate social responsibility activities, which started with the slogan, on a wider platform.

Our aim; To reach all segments of the society by creating a long-term positive cultural transformation regarding traffic safety in the society. For this reason, in our journey that we embarked on in 2004, we say that traffic is life for OUR CHILDREN, YOUTH, and OUR COMMUNITY, and we invite everyone to this responsibility movement.