Value and Care Center

As Doğuş Otomotiv, we established a new unit that we call “Value and Care Center”, which aims to give a unique experience to our customers, makes them feel special in every moment of the communication process and responds to all their requests and needs at the highest level possible, in November 2014.

The Value and Care Center operates under Doğuş Otomotiv, and has successfully contributed to the business processes of both the brands and the Authorized Dealers and Services as dialogue management, roadside assistance, call center and operational services.

Taking as our starting point the increasing resemblance of products and services in the automotive industry, we have already made a difference during the first year of our Value and Care Center. In parallel with the increase in vehicle sales and service entries in 2015, the increase in business volume turnover was 41 percent. During its first year the Value and Care Center contacted close to one million customers, becoming the most active entity in its area of expertise in Turkish automotive industry.

Value and Care Center, located in Şekerpınar, Kocaeli, provides services with its 92 person staff, in 550 square meters area all belonging to Doğuş Otomotiv.