Business Ethics

Business ethics was the first topic that Doğuş Otomotiv emphasized in sustainability management. We regard business ethics, which we see as doing the right thing in all business processes across the lifecycle of our company as a multiple stakeholder expectation that includes our customers and all our stakeholders.


Doğuş Otomotiv Business Ethics and Code of Ethics, built on our sense of responsibility toward our business, is also based on the principle that corporations' primary responsibility to the community is to conduct their business ethically.


Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics

Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics, which was introduced in 2012, refers not only to our Company's executives and employees, but also all our stakeholders, including our suppliers and authorized dealers and aftersales service centers, and defined our ethical way of doing business in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics is openly shared with all our stakeholders in our Corporate Sustainability Report and on our website. The trainings organized with the aim of providing a full understanding of the Code of Ethics by our employees were created in face-to-face sessions and using Q&A method. In 2018, 139 Doğuş Otomotiv employees took Code of Ethics training within the scope of 347.5 man/hours of e-orientation. In the same period, 22 Doğuş Otomotiv (DIM) employees received 55 man/hours of face-to-face Code of Ethics training. Briefings on Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics continued at Authorized Dealers and Aftersales Service Centers and our Suppliers. In the briefings held with our authorized dealers and suppliers included in the scope of the Corporate Sustainability Report, Code of Ethics is explained. Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics is available on the corporate website in English and Turkish. In 2018, Code of Ethics on the website was downloaded 430 times:


Compliance with Code of Ethics

Doğuş Otomotiv Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for full implementation of the Code of Ethics within the Company and monitoring issues related to compliance with the Code of Ethics. The Company CEO is supported by the Audit, Disciplinary, and Corporate Governance and Sustainability committees that all report to the Board of Directors on these issues.

Violation of the Code of Ethics reported to Department Managers through Ethics Line or via other channels are evaluated by Internal Audit Department and reported to the Audit Committee and the CEO. If deemed necessary by Audit Committee and the CEO, outcomes are shared with the Board of Directors for their opinion and final decision. Internal Audit Department is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of such notifications and taking appropriate actions.

It is not possible to capture all forms of unethical behaviors or define all illegal business processes within the scope of the Code of Ethics. The best guiding force is the individual conscience, shared wisdom, common sense, and the unconditional approach of employees to Doğuş Otomotiv’s policies and its responsibilities stemming from laws, regulations and contractual obligations. When undecided about how to behave, employees and executives are encouraged to contact Ethics Hotline or ask for support, ask questions and inform the relevant departments about misconduct without hesitation. Doğuş Otomotiv’s principles and policies strictly prohibit confrontation, or retaliation against an employee that has reported any behavior that constitutes a crime or a violation of the Code of Ethics.

Violating laws and regulations, Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics and other Company policies, procedures, regulations, rules, principles may result in punitive enforcements that may lead to termination of employment contracts. Such disciplinary actions also apply to senior executives who tolerate or permit inappropriate behaviors knowingly, delay action for taking preventive actions such as providing necessary training in related issues and managing the work of its team as required, and fail to report such misbehavior.

Doğuş Otomotiv Ethics Line

All Doğuş Otomotiv employees can report incidents in conflict or potentially in conflict with the Code of Ethics by calling 444 38 45 (ETIK) Ethics Line openly or anonymously, if preferred. In all notifications to Doğuş Otomotiv Ethics Line, fully monitored by an independent institution, our employees are free to disclose or to conceal their identities.

Notifications of Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics infringements protect the identity of the reporting person during the potential investigation phase conducted by our Company within the limits of legal obligations, except when required by law. Doğuş Otomotiv prohibits any kind of retaliation by coworkers, protects the reporting person from any harm due to the notification, and makes no compromises whatsoever on this matter.