Corporate Governance and Sustainability



  • The Committee; determines whether or not the principles of Corporate Governance are complied with, the reasons and conflicts of interest that may arise due to lack of compliance, and fulfills its duty for public disclosure with the Corporate Governance Compliance Report. Furthermore, by ensuring the implementation of sustainability principles, the Board of Directors is informed on reventive/remedial measures, areas of opportunity and operational results. The Committee thus covers the Company's social, environmental, economic and ethical responsibilities in line with the management, consultation and coordination efforts that may be needed for relevant institutions and stakeholders.
  • The Committee shall determine the schedule of its meetings, comprising at least four meetings per year. The Committee shall meet as often as required to ensure the effective performance of its activities during the year. The Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Head of the Committee may call extraordinary meetings as circumstances require.
  • Committee activities shall be put into writing and archived. The Committee shall submit to the Board of Directors a written report of its activities and meeting results as often as required. The Board of Directors may require additional reports as necessary.
  • Committee decisions shall be taken unanimously.
  • Committee decisions shall be advisory, and the final decision shall rest with the Board of Directors.
  • Committee members shall be provided with any changes in meeting schedule, appendices to meeting agendas and the minutes of the previous meeting in ample time prior to the next meeting. Committee decisions shall be archived in the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee records. The Committee member carrying out the secretariat functions of the Committee shall be responsible for the follow-up and implementation of decisions.