Internship Program-"D-Staj"

D-Staj is an intern-placement program seeking to train eligible candidates for future employment and meet the needs of the departments.

College and vocational school students may apply for this program, which consists of three periods per year. The applicants may apply for optional or mandatory internships held in March, July and November. The applications are reviewed in accordance with the requests of the departments; eligible applicants are interviewed separately or in groups; the admitted applicants are asked to start their internship in the first week of the relevant internship period.

The interns are subjected to an e-orientation program on the first day of the internship, where they are informed about the Dogus Group, Dogus Otomotiv Group affiliates, the D-Staj program and the corporate rules. An introductory meeting is held by the employment office for all interns within the first 15 days of each period.