Our Employees and Work Environment

Behind being a strong company like Doğuş Otomotiv which manages the largest authorized sales and service network as Turkey's largest automobile distributor for more than a quarter of a century, lies employees who are highly loyal to our company, who are happy to be working for Doğuş Otomotiv, and who exert their competence to the fullest for the development and growth of the company as a participatory stakeholder. Doğuş Otomotiv considers and manages the dialogue platforms it creates with its employees and all the strategies it implements in Human Resources management among material issues in its sustainability management.

Offering a common culture to our more than two thousand meritorious employees, our Company implements many programs that increase employee experience and loyalty in parallel with innovative and sustainable human resources practices it carries out.

Doğuş Otomotiv declared in its Corporate Sustainability Report published in 2010 and its policy on its website, that the basis of its Corporate Sustainability approach is its employees and the good business environment to be provided for them. Our Company, which places employee satisfaction and loyalty at the top of its business goals, attributes the main reason for the increase in its Corporate Sustainability performance day by day to the efforts and awareness of its employees in this regard.

Bir’iz Employer Brand

In our Company, the message “We act together, we leave a trace” is communicated through the employer brand “Bir’iz”, and this message is disseminated throughout the company with the brand ambassadors formed internally. Despite the differentiated working conditions due to the pandemic in 2020, Bir’iz Employee Committee continued its work online in line with its goal that focuses on employee participation in the management during the course of the pandemic and its strategies drawn for business continuity.

Employee Engagement

Doğuş Otomotiv believes that its employees are the greatest power that will ensure the continuity of its business and continue to provide robust, ethical and quality service in the future as it is today. It is aware that reinforcing the efficient business processes of its employees, who are key stakeholders, with its understanding of responsibility is an indispensable contribution both for the social and corporate value

The changing business world structure, differing expectations and conditions require that companies not only manage their employees, but also to establish dialogue and inquire about their expectations by collaborating with them, and to allow their participation in all processes by ensuring that their suggestions and feedback about business processes reach directly to the senior management. In this way, creating a much more productive business environment, establishing an innovative and competitive company structure, and instituting much healthier relationships through employees with other stakeholders are also ensured.