Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Principles on the Remuneration of the Directors and Senior Management

a) Human Resources and Salary Determination Committee (“the Committee”) defines its proposals related to the salary calculation of the senior managers considering the long-term objectives of the Company.

b) The presence fees paid to the directors of the Board pursuant to the Turkish Trade Code shall be decided by the General Assembly in accordance with the proposal made to the General Assembly, provided always paying a certain fee to independent directors. The directors may be paid with salaries in line with the duties assigned to/ assumed by them, and these amounts are defined in accordance with the measurements considering these principles. The Committee its proposals related to the salaries to be paid to the directors and senior managers, considering their activities and the levels of accessing the defined criteria, and submit it to the Board of Directors. Salary calculation principles are reviewed each year.

c) For the determination of the principles on salary calculation of the directors and senior managers, the regulations of the Capital Market Board related to the corporate management are considered.