Strategy and Management


Doğuş Otomotiv has set its Corporate Sustainability strategies and policies with the aim of being an exemplary corporate citizen in the world as well as in Turkey, by producing sustainable and innovative solutions at the highest level for its social and ecological stakeholders within the automotive value chain. Our Corporate Sustainability strategy is to be an indispensable business partner for our stakeholders by focusing on continuous growth within the automotive value chain and by displaying superior performance with a full, timely and accurate service approach. We evaluate, monitor, and manage our performance according to the priorities we set in line with our policies.

As Doğuş Otomotiv, we defined our understanding of Corporate Sustainability; by considering the requirements of global standards, our priorities directly related to our field of activity and the expectations of our stakeholders. Corporate Sustainability is our corporate behaviour pattern covering all our operations and the methods we use when determining the solutions that we have developed for the social, economic, and environmental issues of our industry.

Sustainability Management

In line with our goal of creating long-term value, we believe in the importance of the right leadership for achieving the objectives of good and correct management of all our processes, and the development of business models in compliance with global standards and our Company culture. We are aware that the point we have reached in the field of corporate governance and our compliance strategy have a great role in the implementation of our sustainability strategy and policies. For this reason, we preferred to approach from a corporate management perspective while creating sustainability management mechanisms.

In Doğuş Otomotiv, areas related to sustainability are managed by the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee, which is among the committees operating directly under the Board of Directors, including two Independent Members. Led by the General Directorate of Digital Transformation and Corporate Communications (DTCC), the infrastructure of the committee consists of the Sustainability Council, which contains managers from all units of the Company.