Our key corporate strategies are based on the following goals:



For Doğuş Otomotiv to achieve systematic, efficient and profitable expansion across the value chain in Turkey and to ensure career development of human resource.


To acquire insights into the expectations of our stakeholders and particularly our customers and elevate our relations with them to levels of perfection beyond expectations as rapidly as possible; to establish effective systems to achieve operational excellence, monitoring and analyzing financial and operational position closely.


To create distinction and competitive edge through constant innovations based on a participative approach to product development, customer service and business concept; to develop actions and methods that will render the Company a “leaner, faster, affordable” business with participation and teamwork in process improvement.

Since its inception, Doğuş Otomotiv, in line with its strategic plans, has focused on reinforcing its position in the industry, forming and expanding its Authorized Dealer and Aftersales Service network and improving awareness and reputation of the international brands it represents in the domestic market. Following the Company’s initial public offering in 2004 as an importer and distributor of all the brands it embodies, the Company has evolved its strategy by focusing on the development and performance of its other core and automotive-related ancillary businesses with a local and global perspective.

We aim at being the first organization to implement applications that we develop using innovation and technology, and to create synergy with our employees and other stakeholders based on the Company’s sustainable and consistent growth strategy. Therefore, we see it as our priority to work on new projects to continuously increase the quality of our core and automotive-related ancillary businesses. Furthermore, based on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated for more than 25 years, we intend to build on the success we attained by capturing opportunities and move forward.

Knowing that the long-term success of Doğuş Otomotiv can only be sustained through the ultimate satisfaction of our stakeholders, we have built our strategy on four pillars:

One Step Beyond Customer Satisfaction: Turning Customers into Fans!

With uncompromising customer satisfaction-oriented dynamic and attentive service approach, our strategy is to make our customers feel valued and offer high quality and creative service by attending to all of their demands and needs.

  • Value and Care Center (DIM) that supports our brands at every stage of the customer lifecycle became operational in November 2014.
  • In the upcoming period, we will work on being constantly connected with and accessible for our customers through “Connectivity” to generate quick and creative solutions in every instance of communication.

Achieving Operational Excellence through Increased Efficiency!

Doğuş Otomotiv offers sales, aftersales service and spare parts services for 11 international brands at more than 570 customer touch points and aims to continue its activities as Turkey’s leading automotive importer and distributor by achieving optimum profitability.

  • Our web-based and mobile device compatible software “Turkuaz”, already used by Doğuş Otomotiv and all Authorized Dealers/Aftersales Services, adds value to the automotive processes by including manufacturers and suppliers as well and with constant software updates, it serves our digitalization targets significantly.
  • The aim is to identify development areas through continuous measurement of quality standards at all customer touch points and to review the capacities of Authorized Dealers for the purpose of making revisions in layouts and workforce to achieve improved efficiency
  • The employee infrastructure will be reinforced for more efficiency as business volume in our Company increases and new technologies are integrated.
  • Investment opportunities for new lines of business will be continually pursued and the Company’s development plans will be reviewed.
  • Within the scope of Lean Management practices, necessary programs will be implemented to ensure that our employees contribute to the efficiency of business processes and savings-oriented process improvement programs will be introduced.

Maintaining Leadership in the Automotive Market!

  • The Company aims at maintaining its market strength in the automotive industry and optimal operational profitability.
  • The Company’s objective is to ensure that the international brands it represents perform successfully in Turkey and to leverage these brands’ value and competitive advantages to achieve sustainable growth with “creative service beyond expectations” vision and “customer-satisfaction oriented work” principle.
  • The Company will remain fully focused on domestic operations with a lean approach.

Fan Employees are Essential for Creating Fan Customers!

The Company provides a shared culture for nearly two thousand valuable employees, engages in innovative and sustainable human resources practices and carries out projects that improve employee experience and loyalty.

  • The Company’s employer brand “Bir’iz” (Together) gives the message of “we act together and make our mark”, which is spread across the Company through in-house brand ambassadors.
  • “GO - Development School”, built on the basis of gamification-motivation for training, offers a digital platform where the focus is on employee experience, allowing employees to have fun as they develop, win rewards, write blog posts and perform mutual trainer-employee assessments. In this manner, employees are able to monitor their personal and professional development and training processes and improve their social engagement within the Company.
  • In 2020, the emphasis was on activities to encourage the social, emotional and physical well-being of workers due to the pandemic. Under the name of GOWell, training and webinars covering these subjects have begun to reach employees.
  • Usage of the gamification-based Mobile Orientation Software designed in 2019 and the introduction of applicant recruitment examination and personality inventory processes via the online framework to enable new employees to get to know the organization better and to ensure quicker adaptation.
  • Talent management in our Company includes a system based on potential and succession plans. Talents demonstrating potential according to specific criteria are selected to participate in a series of training and development programs. Coaching and mentoring programs are also offered by the Company within the scope of Talent Management.
  • With the biannual Employee Commitment and Satisfaction Survey conducted Companywide, the employees’ commitment to the Company is scored based on the principle of confidentiality and development areas are identified. According to the results, action plans to improve employee commitment are created and the activities to be carried out during the year are also included in executive-level targets.
  • Focus has been put on digitalization to improve employee benefits as human resources and many organizational processes have been digitized.
  • Together with the Department of Digital Transformation, the “Digital Competencies Development (GO-DGTL Academy)” project was launched in 2020 to facilitate the digital transformation at Doğuş Otomotiv and contribute to the development of employees’ individual “digital competence”.
  • With the DRIVE (Doğuş Otomotiv’s Route is toward People and Education) team, the objective is to support the development of Doğuş Otomotiv authorized dealers with Doğuş Otomotiv’s corporate structure and values and to integrate Human Resources processes to achieve sustainable success in customer satisfaction with business results. With DRIVE, investments are made for continuous improvement of employees working at authorized dealers and aftersales services. Within this scope, consultancy support is provided for the development and institutionalization of human resources processes at more than 570 Authorized Dealers and Aftersales Service Centers where 7,500 employees work.