Doğuş Otomotiv monitors and manages its environmental impact at every stage of its business lifecycle, both as part of its risk management and in terms of assessing environmental sustainability priorities. Starting with the 2018 Sustainability Report, the Company will continue to report its environmental sustainability performance under the following headings in line with the updated material focus areas.


Environmental Sustainability

Doğuş Otomotiv has openly declared how it values ecological environment with its Environmental Policy published in 2010 and Energy Efficiency, Water Management and Waste Management policies added in 2014.

For Doğuş Otomotiv, managing the impact it has on the environmental sustainability lifecycle means to carry out improvement activities in order to minimize possible negative effects, launch necessary information, training and related programs to raise environmental responsibility awareness among key stakeholders, and in particular its employees and ensure efficient use of resources by setting targets and defining commitments.

Doğuş Otomotiv monitors its impact at every stage of its environmental lifecycle, regularly provides information to raise awareness among its stakeholders and has been sharing its environmental data with the public in Sustainability Reports since 2009.

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