Environmental Risk Management

The Early Detection of Risk Committee works with the Board of Directors to address economic, environmental and social issues. The Committee is involved in early identification of the reasons that may jeopardize the existence, development and continuity of the Company, taking necessary measures in a timely manner and thus managing risks effectively. The Committee provides assurances to the Board of Directors with its qualified members and accurate information flow, and also oversees risk management systems at least once a year. In 2018, the Early Detection of Risk Committee convened at intervals (four times) set according to its working principles, submitted its assessment reports to the Board of Directors during the year and also shared them with the auditor. The Audit Committee, acting on behalf of the Board of Directors, reports its assessments and determinations within the framework of the annual audit plan, which is focused on risks regarding the effectiveness and adequacy of the Company’s internal audit, internal control and risk management, and the integrity of the information produced, to the Board of Directors.

In 2019, the measures to be taken and the systematic infrastructure activities were reviewed at Doğuş Otomotiv with respect to additional insurance services (including consultancy) against hailstorms and possible other climate/environmental risks, as well as insurance status and premiums to be updated. During the year, extreme weather conditions and natural disasters were evaluated in activities at Early Detection of Risk Committee and operational process levels with particular focus on prioritizing risks, developing protective measures and corporate awareness and solidarity.