Our Employees and Work Environment

Doğuş Otomotiv, as Turkey's largest auto distributor for 24 years, manages the widest authorized dealer and aftersales service network. The strength that lies behind this vast operation comes from our employees, who are highly committed to our company, happy to work for Doğuş Otomotiv and put in all their skills and efforts to develop and grow the company as participating stakeholders. Doğuş Otomotiv prioritizes and manages its dialogue platforms with the and all the strategies applied in the management of Human Resources among the material aspects of sustainability management.


Providing a shared culture for more than two thousand valuable employees, the Company implements several programs that enhance employee experience and loyalty in line with innovative and sustainable human resources practices.


Bir’iz Employer Brand


The Company gives the message of “acting as one, making a mark” with the employer brand “Bir’iz” and this message is spread across company by brand ambassadors.

The “Bir’iz Employee Committee”, which convened four times in 2018, the opinions and suggestions of the employees regarding the Bir’iz Employer brand and Human Resources practices applications are received in the workshops where one employee from each department is invited as a representative. Viable suggestions are included in the business plan. Company-related information and legal regulations are regularly shared with employees via intranet and email.


Employee Engagement


Doğuş Otomotiv believes that its employees are the greatest force that will ensure the continuity of its business and continue to provide strong, ethical and quality service in the future as they do today. The Company recognizes that its employees, a key stakeholder group, are an indispensable contribution in terms of both the community and the business, and works on reinforcing the efficient business processes of its employees with a sense of responsibility.


A changing business world, different expectations and varying conditions require companies not only to manage their employees, but also to establish dialogue and cooperate with them, to inquire about their expectations, and to include them in all processes by ensuring that their suggestions and feedback about business processes are directly communicate to senior management. This is how a more efficient work environment is created, an innovative and competitive company structure is established, and healthier relations are built with other stakeholders through employees. Accordingly, Doğuş Otomotiv Performance System has been redesigned considering current local and global human resources trends. A feedback-focused, leaner and simpler new performance management system has been implemented by shifting from scoring to a development culture.