Community Engagement

Doğuş Otomotiv's community engagement policy has been established to obtain social affirmation of the community regarding the fact that the company is a part of social welfare by using the resources of the community efficiently, in line with the company’s impact. In the material aspects study that we renewed in late 2017 for this purpose, the Traffic is Life! platform, in which we have made significant investments for many years, comes to the forefront and presents a balanced roadmap for us to further develop our community engagement activities in the future.


Traffic is Life! Platform

Doğuş Otomotiv continues to carry out community engagement activities seamlessly for the last 15 years since the launch of the “Traffic is Life!” project in 2004 with the aim of promoting general responsibility, awareness and perception about traffic in the community.


As the longest-lasting corporate responsibility program of the sector, the Traffic is Life! Platform conducts traffic safety awareness raising activities for different target audiences to change the behavior and habits of individuals from all age groups. The platform believes that the positive cultural transformation regarding traffic safety will contribute positively toward all areas of life, leading to livable cities and a better future. The Traffic is Life! Platform opened 2018 with an award and the jingle project realized with Nil Karaibrahimgil was recognized with the “Social Responsibility Project of the Year” award by the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD). The “Child Safety in Traffic ”project, launched in 2016, continued to be the focal point of the Traffic is Life! platform in 2018 since the 5-14 age group is one of the groups most affected by traffic accidents and child safety in traffic is of vital importance for our country. Aiming to raise awareness of child safety in traffic and in the vehicle, promotional, educational and supportive activities were organized throughout the year. First and foremost among these activities was the “Child Safety in Traffic” summit in Ankara during Traffic Week. Traffic is Life! Platform has been focusing on child safety since 2016, especially in traffic, and senior officials from the Ministry of Interior also participated in the summit that addressed this issue. Traffic is Life at the Top! Platform's brand spokesperson on child safety in traffic. Professor Üstün Dökmen, the brand spokesperson for the Traffic is Life! platform’s child safety in traffic and Radio Traffic officials provided information on raising awareness of parents for child safety in traffic, the consequences of defining boundaries for children in traffic and in many other areas, and healthy parents, children and child interaction during the summit.


At the summit, which was attended by approximately 250 people, one attendee received a child seat as a gift as the winner of a competition during the event. Another initiative of the platform in 2018 to reach a large segment of the society, and especially younger people, was a collaboration with Kral FM, which appeals to 8 percent of all radio listeners in Turkey. Popular figures of Turkish pop music, including Oğuzhan Koç, Sinan Kaynakçı, founder and lead singer of the band Pinhani, Derya Uluğ, Gripin, the band, Emre Aydın and Cem Belevi gave their voices to the four key messages of “Traffic is Life!” such as child safety in traffic, seat belt use, cellphone use while driving and speeding . These messages were broadcast on Kral FM and Kral Pop TV to raise awareness about traffic safety. As the Traffic is Life! brand ambassador for child safety in vehicles, Professor Üstün Dökmen joined the radio show “Mehmet’in Gezegeni” (Mehmet’s Planet) presented by Mehmet Akbay.


The participants found the opportunity to receive detailed information about child safety in traffic, and in order to produce concrete results, safe driving training was provided for the young people who answered the questions about the traffic asked by Mehmet Akbay on the radio show. The plan is to continue the trainings are in 2019. Another ongoing activity in 2018 was the “Mother and Child Safety in Traffic” trainings that started in 2016. The platform, which aims to spread the knowledge it has provided since 2004 to not only its own employees but also across public and private employees as responsible citizens, expanded its training with these organizations. Approximately 200 participants from various public and private companies were reached through trainings that cover many issues ranging from how the seat belt should be fastened during pregnancy to the correct positioning of child seats in the vehicle. Test results applied before and after the training demonstrate the success of the training. Before the training e 68% of the participants answered the questions correctly and the ratio rose to 87% after the training.


During the year, a new project was introduced to raise awareness abot child safety in traffic particularly on the days prior to public holidays. In this context, the Traffic is Life! Platform launched “Traffic is Life! for Children's Safety!” campaign and brought together two strong brands. As part of the campaign, which aimed to promote the use of child seats in vehicles, various discount opportunities were offered to encourage the purchase of child car seats.


The “Road Safety Distance Training”, which was launched to ensure the protection of young people, as the future of the society and with the ability to change traffic culture in positive way, from traffic accidents and inform them about road safety, has so far reached more than 25,000 students in 18 universities. It became the first Corporate Responsibility project to be included in the university SCORM system and recommended by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) in the ‘social elective course’ category with its traffic safety content.  Throughout the year, social media has been actively used to reach the widest possible audience, both in child safety and in traffic safety.


As of December 2018, Traffic is Life! platform’s Facebook account has reached approximately 128,000 followers and provides informative/educational benefits for all segments of the society through regular content posts. In November 2017, the Traffic is Life Platform collaborated with famous cartoonist Varol Yaşaroğlu to create Pictoos characters and bring them to life in three animated films to educate children about traffic rules in a fun way. The project, which continued in 2018 with 11 videos, achieveing around 8 million views.


As a social responsibility on social media, Facebook’s ChatBot app was used for the first time for trial driving license tests using questions which were approved by the Ministry of National Education from previous years’ tests. Participants were given the opportunity to measure their knowledge before the exam. Over 150,000 participants have benefited from this app. The Traffic is Life! platform, which has received numerous awards to date continued to add new achievements throughout the year. Traffic is Life! platform was again among the top 10 projects of Capital magazine's best Corporate Social Responsibility survey in 2018 as in 2017. Within the scope of the Traffic is Life! platform, interactive projects will be planned according target audiences in 2019 to contribute to building a positive culture across all segments of the society.


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