In 2018, we focused on improving ourselves continuously for our customers, who always remain the key stakeholder of Doğuş Otomotiv, and to ensure their unconditional satisfaction. As the sales and aftersales service points of 12 brands spanning every region of Turkey, Doğuş Oto and DOD, we continued to work to provide the best and most reliable service for our customers across the country.

We know that Doğuş Otomotiv customers are not only concerned with the excellence of our products and services, but also directly interested in the way we do business and that their expectations evolve accordingly. At every stage of the processes in which we communicate with our customers, we inquire about their expectations from our company, systematically analyze the data we obtain and constantly improve ourselves to respond to these expectations.

Our permanent, trust-focused customer relationship management approach is based on mutual development and change, and constitutes the material focus of our impact in terms of our business and economic development.

The CRM (Customer Relations Management) Unit, under Digital Transformation and Corporate Communications Department, has been established to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level with the objective of managing customer experiences along their lifecycles according to innovations and changing dynamics, making customer communication processes leaner with a proactive approach, creating customized offers and services with centralized data management and analysis, and strengthening loyalty of our customers to our company and our brands and planning actions to elevate loyalty.

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Aiming to monitor the satisfaction of our customers, the satisfaction surveys conducted by an independent research firm are transformed from a structure that measures customer processes to one that measures customer experience and now followed under the title Customer Experience Management (CEM).