Doğuş Otomotiv has been informing its suppliers about the sustainability strategy and related expectations as part of its sustainable supply chain management approach since 2016. Doğuş Otomotiv strives to mitigate its sustainability risks in its field of impact by integrating sustainability principles into supplier selection and audit processes. The number of suppliers that have been informed in this context and that contributed to our report with their sustainability performances reached 27 in 2019.


Number of Employees: 116

Total Area of Operations: 11.600 m2

Acar Basım ve Cilt San. Tic. A.Ş. was founded in 1980 to operate in the printing sector and later spread its operations to include corporate gifts, stationery, real estate and publishing. The company’s production, administration and sales activities are carried out in a total indoor space of 11,600 m2 including the central plant in Istanbul and the Anatolian Regional Directorate in Ankara.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System is applied in the company. The printing house has the Service Competence Certificate, Sedex and FSC Certificate accepted worldwide. Thanks to this document, forests are protected by using only trees specially produced for paper making.

Aiming to reduce its environmental impact and to increase its contribution to nature, the company prefers solar panels for water heating in the work area, using LED lighting fixtures and working on preventing excessive energy consumption. The company also recycles paper, packaging and oil waste. In 2019, 232,000 kg of paper/packaging waste and 8 kg of waste battery were sent for recycling. The company is running a server virtualization project with the aim of using electricity more efficiently and reducing new device purchasing.

Acar Basım strives to contribute to the society it takes place in with various in-kind aids and projects. Company, which cooperates in several studies with the regional schools where its factory is situated, also opens the factory building to visits for the transfer of experience and knowledge.

Company takes care to engage in innovative works to increase its quality standards. In 2019, necessary studies planned the previous year were completed to develop a more efficient production process. Acar Basım conducts a customer satisfaction survey three times a year. The result of the survey determined customer satisfaction rate as 90% in 2018.

Employees are provided with basic occupational health and safety trainings, and necessary measures are taken for work accidents with periodic on-site inspections. Apart from these trainings, various trainings such as Human Resources Management, Current Social Security and Current Labour Law, Logistics and Supply Chain Management were provided in 2019, for a total of 140 hours. Furthermore, foreign language training is offered to employees for their personal developments. Rules that are in compliance with the legislation are followed for affairs such as employee layover, working hours, etc.


Number of Employees: 21

Atılgan Pazarlama is an Istanbul based company that has been rendering services in supplying food, cleaning, and stationery group of products for 28 years.

Atılgan Pazarlama works with brands well-known in the industry, which can be sustained in the supply chain. Company has 109 domestic suppliers.

Company saved energy by switching to LED lighting fixtures in its warehouses during the year. For efficient use of water resources, water-savings taps are preferred within the company. The waste generated within the company is separated and sent to authorized recycling facilities. A total of 600 kg of wastepaper was recycled in 2019.

Atılgan Pazarlama takes care to protect its customers' health and safety. Customers can submit their suggestions and complaints to the company through the website.

While the company takes the necessary precautions regarding the hygiene and occupational safety conditions of its employees, necessary trainings are given to them as well. By coming together with employees every month, they are provided the opportunity to voice their opinions.



Number of Employees: 95

Total Area of Service: 3.500 m2

Bakırcı Otomotiv is an umbrella structure of six businesses that focus on the automotive sector and meet various needs of the industry. As the architecture of the car plazas in Turkey, the company provides services in building design, supply of maintenance and repair equipment of the service department, after-sales services of these equipment, training of technical personnel, professional qualification certifications, business development projects for the efficiency of the service and spare parts consultancy of the service.

Having 95 employees and more than 30 distributors as of 2019, the company builds automotive facilities primarily in Turkey as well as other countries like Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Qatar and the United States.

Bakırcı Otomotiv organizes its processes annually using ISO quality standards and is audited by TÜV SÜD.

Company holds Quality Management System, OHS Management System, Personnel Certification Accreditation Standard and Authorized Certification Organization certificates.

The most important quality that Bakırcı Otomotiv values in the supply chain is to ensure that the product it procures meets the standards of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. Utmost care is taken to ensure that product quality is the highest and that its activities and operations comply with the laws and environmental regulations. Suppliers are also considered in terms of working in accordance with the Doğuş Otomotiv business ethics principles. In the evaluation process, quality price performance, payment conditions, capacity, duration, test certificate and certificate criteria are evaluated after requesting prices from all alternatives.

The company’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact include avoiding using lights at sunlit areas, installing light fixtures with energy-saving light bulbs, equipping the building with environmentally sensitive systems, taps with motion sensors, and shuttle route optimization. There are also informative announcements to raise environmental awareness among employees. Waste Management is carried out in accordance with laws and regulations in cooperation with Beykoz Municipality.

Bakırcı Otomotiv conducts various social responsibility projects in order to contribute to the society it takes place in. Apart from donations made to foundations on special days, the tradition that started with the donation of the Body Repair Workshop to Ege University Vocational School in 1998 continues with the contributions to universities which have automotive engineering departments. At the same time, joint studies are carried out with 30 different Industrial Vocational High Schools. In 2019, internet cables on the street where the company building is located were replaced by Bakırcı Otomotiv with fibre optic cables against theft risks.

The company provides necessary training to its employees in line with laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety, and regularly screens the health of employees. Apart from Occupational Health and Safety trainings, various technical trainings are also given to the employees. In addition, employees are encouraged by giving paid-leave during working hours to employees who need to take part in voluntary work in non-governmental organizations.


Number of Employees: 70

Total Area of Operations: 15.000 m2

Barış Makina Otomotiv Ekipman San. ve Tic. A.Ş. has been operating in the field of repair shop equipment with imports, marketing, service projects and training services for nearly 50 years. In addition to the buildings in İzmir and Istanbul, the third project, Istanbul Şerifali building, with an indoor space of 5,000 m2, has started operating as the biggest training center in Europe. Barış Makina Otomotiv Ekipman San. ve Tic. A.Ş. provides sales, after sales and technical services in all regions of Turkey.

Barış Makina holds ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System certifications. Various quality improvement studies related to quality management, operation process and support process were carried out in 2019.

In supply chain management, the main expectations of the Company from its suppliers are an honest and reliable trade approach and maximum sensitivity for health and safety issues as well as the warranty conditions for the quality products and services they provide. The firms that act as distributors and dealers of the Company are those that produce globally acknowledged products and services and also carry out exemplary activities in aspects including human rights, working conditions and employee rights. In the selection criteria for procurement, compliance of the suppliers’ activities with local legislation, labour law no. 4857, social security law no. 5510 and occupational health and safety law no. 6331 play a determining role. The company works with 330 suppliers in total including 40 international and 280 domestic businesses.

All environment-related aspects are managed and audited in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Company organizes special meetings and trainings to increase employee awareness on efficient use of resources and consumption reduction. Wastepaper and batteries generated during the year are sent to Konak Municipality and recycled. In 2019, a total of 2,850 kg of wastepaper was recycled and recovered. During the year, 100,000 TL was invested in improving service routes to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption. In addition, the Company makes regular annual donations to the Aegean Forest Foundation for tree planting.

Products that are distributed and sold by the Company are CE certified equipment and devices that have cleared through European Union safety norms. Health and safety risks have been considered for each product and risk assessment studies have been conducted by the manufacturers to minimize or eliminate these risks.

Company conducts a customer satisfaction survey once a year and a regular Employee Satisfaction survey. In 2019, the result of the employee satisfaction survey was 80%. All obligations are fulfilled in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations. There were no occupational accidents in 2019 and employees were given 12 hours of detailed training on Occupational Health and Safety.

Barış Makina has a Suggest/Solve suggestion system that aims to encourage employees to contribute to efficiency. This system is an alternative communication channel as employees can directly contact the management face-to-face or via email. In addition to the trainings provided to ensure professional development of all employees, certain employees are sent overseas to visit the companies, whose products are distributed for training purposes. Furthermore, all costs of employees who wish to attend foreign language courses are covered by the Company. Employees are not discriminated against on the basis of language, religion, race, gender, nationality, or ethnicity, etc.

The company has adopted the equality principle. Barış Makina also carries out activities in line with the needs of local communities for the development of the region where it operates. In 2019, 30,000 TL was spent on pavement and lighting works in the street where the material warehouse in Izmir was located, and the needs of the region were met. In addition, within the scope of the project carried out jointly with Brisa, vocational studies were carried out with convicted citizens in prison. Also, under another project carried out by Brisa, tires training was organized for women for the first time in Turkey.


Number of Employees: 694

Sustainability is managed highly effectively within the strategies and operations of BASF, the world’s largest chemicals company. In line with its “We create chemistry for a sustainable future” mission statement, BASF works toward achieving sustainable development goals by disclosing its performance in many areas in the annual sustainability reports.

BASF, which uses its resources responsibly and also produces in the same responsible way, has been successfully included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) for 19 consecutive years.

BASF is also regularly included in the FTSE4Good Index Series by the FTSE Group, which lists only the companies that are able to meet the strictest environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria and consistently confirm/develop these aspects through regular assessments. BASF is the best of its class in terms of ESG among the chemical companies in the index.

BASF’s unique “Verbund” (integrated production) approach is a good example of sustainable use of resources, saving resources and energy, minimizing emissions, reducing logistics costs and creating infrastructure synergies.

As another reflection of this approach, digitalization and intelligent production offer great opportunities for BASF. With the use of digital technologies and data, BASF creates added value for its customers while increasing efficiency and effectiveness in its processes. One of the most important examples of this approach is the BASF supercomputer Quriosity, which has played a key role in R&D for the digitalization processes at BASF.

BASF strives to ensure that technological paintwork repair methods are applied in body shops of all customers that place satisfaction and savings awareness at their core as a priority and to maximize efficiency of body shops. The body shops that complete and implement the steps determined within the scope of Glasurit Bodyshop Process Excellence activities are certified.

As part of the Glasurit Bodyshop Process Excellence activities carried out at all service points of Doğuş Oto, which BASF has been serving since 2015, the body shops at Etimesgut, Çankaya, Bursa, Maslak, Kartal and Esenyurt service points have been certified.

Within the scope of the Glasurit Bodyshop Process Excellence, followed by the Doğuş Oto Bodyshop managers and employees as well as the field officers of Glasurit Automotive Repair Paints, all service points have completed all stages with 100% success.

Most of the company’s manufacturing sites and business units are ISO 9001 certified. BASF is a founding member of the Together for Sustainability initiative, where leading chemical companies join forces to promote sustainability practices in the supply chain and standardize supplier auditing and assessment methods. The company is also the founder of a global Occupational Medicine and Health Protection Program that includes objectives, guidelines, performance standards and an audit procedure.

As a founding member of the UN Global Compact, BASF is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities under the US Fundamental Principles on Labour and Human Rights, and to act with a sense of social responsibility in line with national laws and key labour standards set by the International Labour Organization.  


Number of Employees: 21

Total Area of Operations: 17.500 m2

As an affiliate of Beker Pcb Elektronik Şirketi, Beker Recycle carries out “Waste Management and Automotive Recycling” activities in its integrated facilities built on 17.500 m2 located in Düzce.

Beker Recycle holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates and follows these standards in production. In order to maintain quality standards, the criteria of quality, effective performance and compliance with market prices are taken into consideration during the supplier selection process.

Energy saving bulbs are used to save energy within the company. In order to save water, warning signs are hung where necessary, such as around faucets and water dispensers. In order to reduce the carbon footprint, service routes are arranged so as to cause minimum carbon emissions. All kinds of waste generated within the company are separated and recycled. After the waste oils are separated and collected, they are sent to PETDER for recycling. 19,140 kg from the 20,120 kg of waste paper generated in 2019 was sent for recycling. Within the scope of Beker Recycle, Completed Vehicle Temporary Storage, Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Waste Interim Storage, Waste Accumulator Temporary Storage, Non-Hazardous Waste Recycling, Scrap Metal/ELV Processing, Packaging Waste Collection Separation TYPE-3, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Processing-WEEE activities waste is included in the process and sent to licensed recycling and disposal facilities.

Ensuring customer health and safety is very important for the Company. In this context, consultancy service is received. In addition to conveying their complaints and suggestions through the website, customers also have the possibility to communicate their dissatisfaction directly with the relevant personnel.

Beker Recycle fulfils all social rights and working conditions of employees in accordance with legal regulations. While benefiting from consultancy service within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety, regular information and controls are carried out by experts and physicians. In 2019, a total of 21 employees received trainings in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety, Hazardous Substance Consultancy and Environmental Consultancy. In addition, employees are provided with first aid training, technical and vocational training. Employees are supported to receive the training they desire for their personal development.


Number of Employees: 4

Total Area of Operations: 87 m2

Big Tanıtım has over 10 years of experience in the promotional and advertising products industry and works to resolve the demands of customers rapidly by understanding their requests.

Big Tanıtım refers to the results of detailed market research to select trusted and diligent brands that offer high quality products.

Most presentations, files and documents are shared digitally to avoid paper waste within the Company. Waste batteries are collected in boxes and sent for recycling after being checked at the end of each week.

Big Tanıtım conducts biannual Employee Satisfaction Surveys to enable employees to share their complaints, suggestions and opinions. The company’s employees are also supported for development in their respective fields with English language, graphic and web design trainings. In 2019, employees were given approximately 20 hours of business ethics and ethical code, human rights and basic business training. Apart from these trainings, foreign language, basic computer, graphic and web design, digital marketing trainings were provided to contribute to the personal development of the employees.

Big Tanıtım makes regular donations to TEMA Foundation and Darüşşafaka Foundation, and partners with another company to support village schools with donations. The company supports several students with scholarships.




Number of Employees: 1.025

Total Area of Operations: 2.600 m2

After operating in Turkey through distributors since 1978, Daikin acquired all stakes in Airfel, a major actor in the Turkish HVAC industry, in July 2011, and became a prominent player in the market. Today, Daikin Turkey boasts the widest product range in the field of heating, cooling and ventilation in Turkey. Daikin and Airfel brands under the Daikin Turkey umbrella offer a broad range of products for the HVAC industry, including boilers, air conditioner units, panel radiators, fan-coil units, and air conditioning plants, etc. produced with the latest technologies to meet different needs. Daikin Turkey has launched the production of Daikin branded products in addition to Airfel brand at the Daikin Hendek plant, spread on 100,000 m2 of land with 42,000 m2 of indoor space. Daikin Turkey, headquartered in Istanbul, serves a broad geographical area of Turkey with its six regional offices (Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Gaziantep, İzmir, Trabzon), 170 dealers, 500 sales points and 501 authorized aftersales services.

Daikin Turkey operates in line with the company’s global Quality Policy and carries out all activities in accordance with ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System like everywhere else in the world. Kaizen and quality circle concepts are applied at Daikin Turkey to improve quality.

In addition to complying with Doğuş Otomotiv’s Business Ethics, Corporate Sustainability and all other operating principles, Daikin Turkey also considers business integrity, environment, human rights, and fundamental labour rights when selecting its suppliers, and performs checks based on these criteria.

Five times a year, in-depth meetings and interim evaluation meetings are held with dealers and services in the supply chain to review processes and make improvements. Relevant sanctions, in accordance with the discipline provision in our procedures, are applied to companies in the supply chain that have a negative impact on the environment or human rights. Daikin’s environmental policy is built on the mission of “Enriching today, protecting the future”.

Daikin Europe plays an active role in environmental responsibility by closely following the parent company in Japan and introducing policies beyond official rules and regulations. In 1998, Daikin Europe became the first HVAC manufacturer to earn ISO 14001 certification in Europe and expects all its subsidiaries to meet ISO 14001 requirements in all business processes. In 2002, Daikin Europe formulated its own response ahead of the EU directives on “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” (RoHS) and “Waste electrical and electronic equipment” (WEEE). Daikin takes these as reference in its operations in Turkey as well. At Daikin, where business operations are guided by the slogan “Reduce, Recover, Reuse”, utilization of all resources and energy consumption are constantly monitored and reviewed to sustain energy efficiency.

Within the scope of Daikin Turkey’s energy efficiency practices, activities are carried out to reduce the consumption of resources in accordance with the studies and analyses conducted by energy methods engineers. The engineers at Daikin Turkey participate as trainers in the trainings on the topic of energy efficiency in HVAC systems organized by the Ministry of Energy, General Directorate of Renewable Energy.

Daikin Turkey’s head office is located in Turkey’s first LEED Platinum certified high-rise, the Allianz Tower. The state-of-the-art faucets in the buildings ensure water efficiency in international standards without sacrificing user comfort. With the efficient water faucets used in the buildings, reduction in water consumption has exceeded 35%. Daikin is deeply committed to the “eco-design” concept, constantly striving to improve the “green” content in its products. The use of lead, mercury and cadmium is reduced. The design department adopts the “green procurement” policy, which requires all material suppliers to declare that their products do not contain any material harmful to the environment.

Daikin constantly analyses the production and packaging materials’ use and recovery potential. For instance, damaged wooden Euro pallets are repaired and reused. The water used at the plant is treated before being delivered to the wastewater system while large quantities of sediment is separated as useful sludge for the cement industry. Battery waste is collected in battery boxes located at Akademi Maltepe and delivered for recycling. Employees are encouraged to sort hazardous materials such as trash, batteries and printer cartridges, and recyclable products such as paper and cardboard. Moreover, “ZERO Waste” and “ZERO emission” targets are adopted by the manufacturing department at all stages of production. Authorized service centres provide training on the proper use of HFC gases utilized in air conditioning systems in line with F gas regulation. In all visits across the country including authorized service inspections and dealer visits, Daikin Turkey provides information about recycling waste, energy use and how coolants are used and collected. All wastes that may result from company operations are processed in accordance with environmental policy.

In January 2018, Daikin was granted energy efficiency consulting authority by the Ministry of Energy, Directorate General of Renewable Energy to deliver services for commercial buildings. This authority aims to ensure energy optimization through energy studies in customers’ service buildings. The company also carries out voluntary works to develop energy efficiency projects in the ISKAV Energy Efficiency Commission for Industrial Plants in order to reduce energy expenditures of industrial plants.

Acting in line with Daikin Europe’s environmental policies, Daikin Turkey has also developed its own local standards by taking European regulations and directives into account. Aiming to reduce its environmental impact across the value cycle, Daikin has instructed all its subsidiaries to secure the internationally recognized ISO14001 accreditation by the end of 2005.

Daikin highly values the importance of service continuity, data privacy and the integrity of customers’ or company’s information assets. Accordingly, the ISO 27001:2013 system is established in the company, with constants checks of system availability and improvements where necessary.

Daikin Turkey is aware of how important the human factor is to reach future targets. In addition to the periodic personality inventory applied for Daikin employees and the skill development programs specifically designed to improve the competence and managerial skills of employees based on the 360-degree assessment results, Technical, Professional and Legally Compulsory Trainings were conducted in 2019. The goal is to increase the contribution of blue-collar employees to the processes through special development programs.

Daikin Academy

All training activities under the umbrella of the Daikin Turkey Academy are held at the training building on the Maltepe, Istanbul campus, featuring one conference room, three practical, four theoretical classrooms and one workshop. Since its inception, Daikin Academy has reached approximately 24,000 people with innovative applications and training content created to meet the needs of employees and stakeholders. According to its 2020 strategy, the company aims to provide training opportunities for 45,000 people. Daikin Academy is managed in line with the 5-year rolling strategy plans by a professional team under the supervision of the Executive Board, which includes a number of department heads. Since the very beginning, Daikin Academy has always aimed to be the strategic partner of departments and stakeholders and to reflect the results of all the trainings on business life and activities. Original training content is prepared according to in-depth analysis of need. The benefits of trainings reach a wide audience including employees, dealers, services, distributors that provide services in CIS countries, as well as university students and customers. Daikin Academy delivers all of its trainings to relevant audiences through classroom applications as well as field work, workshops and digital platform applications. Daikin Radio hosts academic interviews, which are broadcast to all employees according to an annual plan. Guests such as educators, psychologists and life coaches are invited to radio programs with the aim of taking development out of the classroom and making it accessible for all employees. The employees who answer the questions in the program are rewarded by the Academy. In-house trainers give 85% of the professional and technical development trainings. In annual motivation meetings, successful in-house trainers are rewarded.

Daikin Sakura Project

Sakura Project, which was launched in 2014 in cooperation with KOSGEB, Kal-Der and Daikin, is planned to ensure entrepreneurial women with university degrees to become bosses of their own businesses. With the Sakura Project, entrepreneurial women are embarked on business life by receiving training and then workplace support. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to have 100 entrepreneur women to start their entrepreneurship career as a business owner at the end of the third year. The project is continuing within the targeted development plan.

Female Technician Project

After the success of women entrepreneurs in the Daikin Sakura Program, which was launched in 2014, Daikin aimed to train female technicians for the male-dominated air conditioning industry with the female technician project launched in 2017. At the end of 2018, female technicians at the targeted level became able to serve on the field. The project continues to be developed with the aim of making female technicians as service owners and increasing their numbers.


Climatization Laboratories for Vocational High Schools

Daikin Turkey establishes educational laboratories from which climatization departments of vocational high schools will benefit. Schools determined during the planning periods are supported every year accordingly. In addition to this, young people who graduate from the vocational high schools of the specified vocational high schools are provided with job opportunities at Daikin Authorized Services as part of the İş-Kur guidance and interviews held in the relevant high school.

Fuha Specialist Days

Fuha, the largest experience centre in Europe, established by Daikin to serve the HVAC industry is located in Turkey. The centre contributes to the industry by organizing free events including trainings and seminars, etc. aimed at the employees in the HVAC and energy sectors, university and vocational high school students and NGOs. The seminars and meetings, which customers, employees and all stakeholders can benefit from, are carried out periodically under the ‘sector specialist days’ title. Since August 2018, Fuha is operating at its new address in Maltepe, Istanbul. Daikin Turkey employees also publish articles on HVAC issues in trade publications.


Number of Employees: 451

Destek Bilgisayar has been serving its customers for more than 25 years, providing logo design, web design, technical support, and consultancy services.

Destek Bilgisayar is certified in five different ISO standards and carries out studies geared for its employees and suppliers in order to increase its quality standards. In this context, while trainings were organized for employees, ethical rules were prepared for suppliers, and supplier selection forms were updated. In the supplier selection process, the company is looking for the requirements for quality, corporate culture, eligibility for shipment, ease of payment and compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) criteria. In addition, Destek Bilgisayar pays attention for its suppliers to be companies that respect the environment, living beings, human and employee rights, and thereby includes ethical rules in the selection process and contracts.

Company separates all wastes such as paper, battery and household wastes generated, and sends them for recycling. Technological waste is recycled by a contracted company, while paper and battery waste are recycled by municipalities. In 2019, a total of 810 kg of waste was sent to recycling. Apart from these, informative brochures are distributed within the company to encourage efficient use of resources. 

All precautions are taken, and studies are carried out at Destek Bilgisayar which are foreseen in the law on occupational health and safety. Employees are provided with 16 hours of Occupational Health and Safety Training, including subjects covered by A class. In addition, technical and professional trainings are given to employees. Company uses an online application where employees can submit their suggestions and complaints anonymously and follow them. Apart from this, Employee Satisfaction Surveys are conducted once a year and employee feedback is received. According to the survey results, focus groups are prepared and action is taken to eliminate dissatisfaction. Group celebrations are organized on special days to create a better working environment and strengthen relationships.

Company sends a Satisfaction Survey to the relevant customer after each invoice issued and aims to solve the problem within 48 hours in cases of dissatisfaction. If the customers create a complaint record from the website of Destek Bilgisayar, they are forwarded to the relevant units via e-mail.

Destek Bilgisayar strives to contribute to the society through social responsibility projects. Company donates to TEV and LÖSEV and participates collectively in external social responsibility campaigns with the employees. In addition, the company provides scholarships to 14 students studying IT. 


Number of Employees: 27

Total Area of Operations: 3.000 m2

Erinç Reklam, founded in 2009 and based in Istanbul, is a company operating in the advertising industry in the fields of signboards, digital printing and stand production.

Erinç Reklam selects its suppliers from among world-renowned, long-standing, and recognized brands in the industry. The company makes sure that the service or product offered during the supplier selection process is delivered in the same quality in all orders. The company applies ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

Aiming to reduce energy consumption, all technological devices used in the company are regularly updated and replaced with state-of-the-art energy-saving products. The company procures the services of an information processing firm in these matters. Wastepaper is used as supportive material in packages and boxes for shipment of produced materials and nearly 85% of wastepaper is re-used in the company’s operations. Remaining 15% waste is sent to paper companies. Iron and plastic wastes are also sent for recycling. The company’s 1,000 m2 outdoor space has been reserved to feed and shelter animals. This area has also been cultivated by planting pine trees. The company also strives to raise environmental awareness by choosing to donate to TEMA and gifting seedlings on behalf of individuals or institutions instead of sending promotional products.

All works on occupational health and safety is carried out in compliance with the legislation. Every month, the workplace physician and the occupational health and safety specialist give basic training to employees. Furthermore, each employee also takes quarterly mandatory inhouse trainings on their respective fields.

In 2019, Erinç Reklam provided financial support to multiple schools. The company contributed to the costs of goods, food and education of families in need in its surroundings and donated a wheelchair to a person in need. Erinç Reklam also hosted a dinner to raise awareness of leukaemia and motivate children and families in the treatment process.


Number of Employees: 46

Total Area of Operations: 3.600 m2

Fabrika Basım operates in the printing sector since 2003, producing high quality and creative products for every sector and industry.

The key objective of the company in the supplier selection process is to work with trusted suppliers with total quality approach, reliable products and timely delivery sensibilities, appropriate to the demands of customers. ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, Labour Law No. 4857, Social Security and Universal Health Insurance Law No. 5510, 6331 Occupational Health and Safety Law, and other laws and regulations are respected in labour and quality standards.

Fabrika Basım regularly checks utility bills and works to reduce energy consumption. In some lighting areas, LED lighting fixtures are used while employees are informed about unnecessary electricity use to further reduce electricity consumption. Waste batteries, unused computers and technological products, and wastepaper are collected in recycling areas and sent to the relevant municipal units to contribute to recycling. By procuring consultancy services environment and recycling-related issues, Fabrika Basım carries out necessary work to reduce its environmental impact.

When the disks used in the server system in the Information Processing Unit reach the end of their economic life, they are replaced with new disks in line with advanced technology to ensure information reliability and prevent data loss.

After rendering each service, the company conducts a customer satisfaction survey via follow-up calls. The feedback received is reviewed and the negative feedback of customers is resolved with rapid and permanent solutions. A confidentiality agreement is executed between the company and customers. In line with these agreements, information privacy is ensured within the company. Employees are informed about the legal ramifications of disclosing confidential company information.

Fabrika Basım provides its employees with periodic examinations and screenings in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Law no. 6331, Social Security and Universal Health Insurance Law No. 5510 and other legislation. The employees are trained by an Occupational Health and Safety specialist. In addition, the employees also took human rights and first aid trainings in 2019.

An Employee Satisfaction Survey is conducted quarterly. The results are evaluated by the management and the opinions and suggestions of the employees are taken into consideration. Aiming to raise quality standards, the Company provides its employees with various trainings on the latest market conditions and technological developments. The results of the daily assessments of errors that occur or are missed during production, and faults in the machinery and equipment chain due to human error are recorded. In the daily, monthly and yearend evaluation meetings about the error reports, the causes are investigated and eliminated at source.


Number of Employees: 38

Total Area of Operations: 1400 m2

Since 1998, Format Matbaacılık serves its customers in various industries with pre-printing, printing and post-printing operations that it carries out in three stages.

Format Matbaacılık takes care to use products that do not harm human health and the environment. For this reason, in the supplier selection process, it pays attention that candidate suppliers have the necessary certificates.

Wastes generated within the company are sent to companies with authorized recycling certificates and recycled. Format Matbaacılık is the holder of the globally recognized FSC certification, which ensured forests are protected through use of only trees grown exclusively for papermaking.

All employees are regularly provided with Occupational Health and Safety Training, which amounts for 12 hours. There is no special system for employees to submit their complaints and suggestions. Instead, employees communicate their opinions to their managers through a spokesperson of their choice.

Format Matbaacılık conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey once a year. There are also customer representatives, whom the customers can contact to communicate their complaints and opinions directly.



Number of Employees: 267

Iron Mountain is a global company that aims to store, protect and manage information and archives. The company aims to provide the highest quality and reliable service to its customers with its 267 employees.

Iron Mountain holds ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. Audits are carried out throughout the year within the Company to maintain and increase the quality standard that meets all these criteria. Iron Mountain also attaches importance to references in order to maintain quality in the supplier selection process. Apart from that, suppliers to be companies that act in accordance with the law and their corporate identities are among the criteria taken into consideration.

LED lighting fixtures are preferred to save energy within the company. In addition, thanks to the filters in the faucets and high-pressure machines used for vehicle cleaning, water is saved. Iron Mountain reduces its environmental impact by choosing hybrid vehicles when renting vehicles for business. A project called “Green Road” is implemented to ensure efficient use of vehicles. Technological devices that have reached the end of their economic lives are sent for recycling in an effort to further reduce Company’s environmental impact. In addition, paper and battery waste are also separated and sent for recycling. Company sends 12 tons of paper waste annually for recycling. 

Company takes measures to ensure customer health and safety by writing necessary warnings on products and brochures. Customer Service Department established within the Company manages customer satisfaction and complaint issues.

Iron Mountain follows the rules stipulated by laws regarding employee rights. In 2019, employees were provided with Occupational Health and Safety Training, global compliance, vocational and technical trainings. Company has undergraduate and graduate degree arrangements with various institutions to contribute to employee development. Several events are organized for employees in order to create a better work environment and strengthen communication. In order to facilitate the employees to express their complaints and suggestions, the company has adopted an “open door” practice. Working with the values of trust, honesty, safety, teamwork, the company adopts the principles of preventing conflicts of interest, respect at the workplace, diversity and inclusion. Within the scope of global compliance, employees are provided with ethical rules and anti-corruption training.

Iron Mountain carries out corporate social responsibility projects based on employee volunteering. Apart from these, various educational institutions and schools are supported to establish libraries in an effort to contribute to the society.



Number of Employees: 23

Total Area of Operations: 800 m2

İsdem İnşaat, founded in 2000 in Istanbul, is a company operating in the construction and contracting sector, primarily in the field of metal and decorative works.

In the supply chain structure, multiple suppliers are considered, and the ones with the strongest, adequate resources in terms of financial, technical and management aspects and that respect regulations are preferred. The Company requires its suppliers to submit certificates of materials used in production to ensure that they do not harm nature. The most important consideration in the selection of suppliers is the protection of employee rights. Occupational safety and health and hygiene are checked by visiting work environments.

İsdem İnşaat employs a workplace physician and an occupational health and safety specialist to ensure the health and safety of its employees. Every month, experts meet with employees to give basic trainings. In 2019, employees were provided Basic Occupational Health and Safety Trainings, First Aid Training, Vocational Qualification Trainings and Working at Elevation Training. Furthermore, employees undergo biannual health screenings. Suggestions and requests of the employees are evaluated according to the results of the annual Employee Satisfaction Survey. In line with company policy, İsdem İnşaat is obligated to create a neutral and reliable work environment without discrimination against religion, language, race, skin colour, gender, political thought, belief, sect, age and similar reasons among the employees. The company strives to create a respectful work environment free of harassment, threats, abuse and poor labour conditions.

Once a project is completed, the customer is interviewed, and feedback is received to measure their satisfaction. To ensure security and privacy of customer information, a confidentiality agreement is executed between İsdem İnşaat and its customers.

Company carries out a wastepaper collection activity in partnership with Ayhan Şahenk Foundation for wastepaper management. As part of this activity, papers that accumulate in the wastepaper boxes in the company are collected monthly and recycled. Printouts are re-used in the office as notepaper and then sent to the wastepaper box. This method ensures that 10% less paper is used within the organization each month. In 2019, a total of 200 kg of paper was recycled.

Aiming to contribute to nature, İsdem İnşaat carries out activities such as contributing to the improvement of forests by donating tree saplings. The Company strives to raise environmental awareness by donating saplings on behalf of individuals or institutions instead of sending flowers to customers on special occasions. 

In 2019, the company invested 10,000 TL to reduce its environmental impact. In addition, both in-kind and cash supports to the Six Dots Foundation for the Blind and the Children with Leukaemia Foundation continued in 2019. In charity sales organized by Ayhan Şahenk Foundation to provide a better future for the children, steel and metal works support is provided at the locations where the events are organized. Apart from these efforts, company supports the winter staples of families in need and village schools.


Number of Employees: 76

Total Area of Operations: 3.000 m2

Kazmaz Matbaacılık is a company that provides various printing services to corporate companies, situated on a 3,000 m2 area in Istanbul.

Kazmaz Matbaacılık aims to offer high quality products fast and with affordable prices. In the supplier selection process, speedy and timely delivery and continuity of delivery with the same standards are taken as criteria. Suppliers are selected among smaller size companies.

Company strives to manufacture products that are suitable and safe for human health. Customer satisfaction survey is applied via e-mail after delivery in order to hear customers’ complaints and suggestions.

All working conditions in the company are carried out in accordance with legal regulations. Necessary employee trainings and health checks again stipulated by law are realized.


Number of Employees: 47

Total Area of Operations: 5.000 m2

Martı Ofset, which started its activities in 1983, offers offset printing, CTP moulding, binding and graphic design services today.

In the supplier selection process, Martı Ofset prefers to work with which are sensitive to the environment and living beings that meet the criteria of high quality, reasonable prices and advanced technology. These criteria, which are considered during the selection process, are also reflected in the contracts. Developing good business relations by communicating face to face or digitally is aimed with people and institutions that the Company works with.

Martı Ofset works within the company to increase awareness by being aware of individual actions to use our resources efficiently. Warning signs are placed where necessary to save water. Technological devices that complete their economic life are sent to recycling by the IT Unit.

In order to measure customer satisfaction, relevant department managers communicate with customers and listen to their complaints and suggestions.

Health and safety of the employees at Martı Ofset are ensured through measures that comply with necessary laws. Company provides training to employees at regular intervals by receiving professional support in relevant fields. There are bonus and gift practices to ensure healthy communication between employees and to create a better working environment. Attention is paid to ensure that employees are fair, reliable, competitive, innovative and analytically thinking individuals.


Number of Employees: 25

Sam İnşaat is a contracting company with over 30 years of experience and a wide range of operations in the international construction industry. By blending state-of-the-art and traditional methods with each other in its field of business, it serves to provide different disciplines such as rough and fine construction works, steel construction and reinforcement, landscaping, electricity and mechanics smoothly and in a short time. Company, whose majority of business in recent years has been in the automotive sector, has completed a total construction of 44,600 m2 in Istanbul, Bursa, Çorlu and Kocaeli in 2019.

Sam İnşaat, which actualizes turn-key projects with customer satisfaction and high-quality standards as its objectives, firstly looks at the quality criteria in supplier selection. Apart from this, it pays attention to choose its suppliers among companies that respect the environment, living beings and employee rights.

LED lighting fixtures are preferred in the company to save energy. There is a water purifier to ensure more efficient use of water resources, and there are warning signs on the taps to encourage savings. While Sam İnşaat renews old technological devices and brings them to reuse, it sends non-renewable ones for recycling. Apart from technological devices, all kinds of batteries, paper, packaging waste are also sent for recycling. 1,750 kg of waste is sent for recycling annually by the company.

Striving for a better customer satisfaction, Sam İnşaat can communicate with its customers and collect complaints and suggestions throughout the business processes it engages. It delivers possible dissatisfaction to resolution by taking quick actions. Company aims to provide the most appropriate service to customer expectations by acting with the principles of fairness and transparency.

Sam İnşaat acts within the responsibilities stipulated by the relevant laws for its employees. Working conditions comply with the Occupational Health and Safety rules and Occupational Health and Safety trainings are provided to all employees once a year. In 2019, all employees were trained for a total of 16 hours. In addition, technical and vocational trainings are given to employees throughout the year. In 2019, 8 people received a total of 30 hours of technical training.

Company, which sets out to its journey with the values to provide a safe working environment free of any discrimination and based on equal opportunities for employees, to increase their competence by supporting their development and to encourage them to take initiative, pays attention to the requests and suggestions of its employees. Company gives an Employee Satisfaction Survey once a year and makes necessary arrangements according to the feedback it receives. In addition, the company makes donations to persons in need and to associations. Employees are supported to take part in social responsibility projects. 


Number of Employees: 470.000

Total Area of Operations: 3,8 million m2

Located in 67 countries, Sodexo is the 19th largest employer in the world, with 470,000 employees and a volume of € 22 billion. In Turkey, which it is in operation since 1992, Sodexo Integrated Service Management, provides various services in over 50 areas such as catering, cleaning, building management, technical support, laundry, reception, and documentation to Turkey’s elite companies and valuable public institutions Turkey. Offering its services in 25 different provinces with a total facility area of approximately 3,8 million m2, Sodexo, as of 2019, realizes the entire supply chain and employment in local operations by using local resources as part of its global vision.

Sodexo operates according to ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 22000 standards.  In accordance with the standards owned, annual meetings are held, unannounced inspections are made to businesses, and work on the application of the system to be adapted to Turkey are carried out by Sodexo Global. In order to ensure high quality service by maintaining these standards, the criteria of quality management level, product certificates and documents, financial strength, reliability, corporate culture, timely delivery, process management, sustainability and good business relations are taken into consideration during the supplier selection process. In addition, a protocol called the Code of Conduct is signed with all suppliers to ensure that suppliers declare that they will provide products and services that respect the environment, living things and employee rights.

Company integrates efficiency and savings-enhancing practices implemented in one particular project to other projects with the help of the Best Practices catalogue, which includes energy consumption measurement and efficiency-enhancing projects. Energy efficiency is increased by adding on-off buttons and photocell operating systems to natural gas and electric heater units in the company. In order to obtain energy resources in more sustainable ways, solar panels provide electricity production and storage. In cooperation with a customer, Sodexo produced electricity through a Wind Tribune by combining ambient air to the exhaust air coming out of climatization devices in an open car park belonging to the customer. Special faucets and filters are used to save water. To use water resources more efficiently, a project is developed where rainwater can be collected and used in appropriate areas.

While the company renews old technological devices and sends them to schools in need, whereas it sends devices that have completed their economic lives to recycling. All physical servers have been switched to the cloud to prevent generating technological waste. Wastes other than technological wastes are also separated and sent to municipalities and contracted institutions for recycling. Environmental impact was reduced by sending 3,035 kg of waste to recycling in 2019. Domestic wastes are recycled using compost machines in line with the “zero waste” target. In addition, the carbon footprint has been greatly reduced thanks to changes in purchasing and production processes. Required number of trees are planted by the company to compensate for the environmental impact created. Within the scope of projects implemented in various businesses, improvements have been made that ensure less tree felling.

Sodexo implements ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management system to organize and administer customer satisfaction processes in a consistent, systematic, customer-oriented and sensitive manner. In this regard, there are various written and verbal communication channels such as Customer Support Line, e-mail, wish boxes, face-to-face meetings where customers can convey their complaints and suggestions. In addition, an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey is given to get customers’ opinions and suggestions. Document management, customer complaints, corrective actions and occupational accidents are tracked from a single centre using QDMS common cloud tracking program.

In all facilities served by Sodexo, all precautions that are in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety legal regulations and required by the hazard class are taken. All employees are given health training by the workplace doctor for four hours, and Occupational Health and Safety Training by the specialist. Hygienic checks are carried out regularly by the Quality Assurance Department. Physical precautions are taken while making the necessary notifications through placards, brochures and education channels against epidemic diseases. Apart from these trainings, technical and vocational trainings are provided to support the personal development of the employees. In 2019, a total of 46,987 hours of employee training was provided within Sodexo.

Company organizes collective events on special days in order to provide a better working environment and improve employee relations. Employee Satisfaction Survey is given in every two years to measure employee satisfaction. In the last three survey periods, Sodexo has been selected as the “Best Employer” by the employees.

Sodexo carries out a wide variety of social responsibility projects in order to contribute to the society it takes place in. Support was provided to girls’ vocational high schools and special education centres in disadvantaged areas under the “Future Workshops” project. In these schools where there is a food and beverage department, infrastructure problems of kitchens where the students are trained are resolved and material supply is provided for students to practice cooking. All students are provided with internships in Sodexo kitchens while their curriculum continues, and job opportunities are offered after graduation. R&D studies have been carried out in professional kitchens on March 8, International Women’s Day for the last two years with the students who have been trained in the Future Workshops project. As part of the R&D study, students have the opportunity to cook in professional kitchens, while their own recipes are followed in kitchens served by Sodexo. Apart from this project, donations are made to various foundations such as HAYTAP, LÖSEV, Darüşşafaka, TÖÇEV and Tohum Autism Foundation. Voluntary participation of employees is supported in social responsibility projects. 




Number of Employees: 600.000

Total Area of Operations: 30.000 m2

Founded in 1987, Sofra Group is an affiliate company of Compass Group Plc., which provides mass catering and support services to Business Centres, factories, educational and health institutions, providing 1,3 million daily meal services for breakfast, lunch and dinner and guest hosting services to hundreds of thousands of people.

In Turkey, Sofra Group is the first catering service organization in the industry to obtain (TS EN ISO 9001) Quality Management Certificate, (TSE ISO EN 22000) Food Safety Certificate (TSE ISO 45001), Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (TSE ISO EN 14001) Environmental Certificate (TSE ISO 10002) Customer Satisfaction Certificate and the (TSE EN ISO 50001) Energy Management Certificate. Occupational safety provided through product control and employee training in storage, cooking and all other processes from purchase to service is aimed at increasing the quality assurance in the service provided by Sofra Group. In order to provide the highest quality service, the company pays attention to purchase healthy, fresh and reliable products under advantageous conditions during the supplier selection process. In addition, as a company that is aware of its impact on the environment and society, Sofra Group has a responsible and sustainable purchasing policy. In this direction, it aims to work with only approved suppliers, support local producers and sustain producers by adopting a fair-trade approach for the purpose of choosing safe and ethical products.

Sofra Group tries to prevent unnecessary use by following the consumption while using efficient equipment in order to reduce its environmental impact and provide energy savings. Thanks to the faucet control systems used, 1,800 litres of water is saved per person per year. It aims to reduce its environmental impact by adjusting service routes to generate the least carbon emission, regular maintenance of vehicles and using quality fuel. Care is taken to raise awareness by informing employees and hanging warning signs in various areas.

Sofra Group implements the Trim Trax Program to reduce the effects of food waste, raise awareness and minimize the effects of food waste. Trim Trax is a waste reduction program for tracking, measuring and reducing food waste in Sofra Group kitchens. Designed to increase efficiency and raise awareness of reducing food waste and its environmental impact, this program aims to help reduce waste and balance food costs. For this purpose, the tools needed in the field are provided to reduce food wastes, while the wastes are monitored. Apart from food waste, all kinds of paper, packaging, batteries, etc. waste produced within the company are separated and delivered to local municipalities for recycling.

In Sofra Group, an independent company conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey and Analysis twice a year to measure customer satisfaction. In addition, customers can submit their complaints and suggestions through the Customer Feedback Hotline.

Sofra Group takes care that its employees are composed of people who share the corporate values of the company. Personal development and careers of employees are supported by the company. For this purpose, a separate team responsible for the training and development of employees has been established. Working conditions are organized in accordance with legal regulations. Also, in line with the legal regulations, Occupational Health and Safety and Epidemic Diseases trainings are provided for the employees throughout the year. In 2019, 19 hours of training were provided on an employee basis. In addition, collective events and various competitions are organized to increase the motivation of the employees and create a cosier working environment.


Number of Employees: 35

Total Area of Operations: 3.076 m2

Steppen Kalemcilik, established in 1992 to produce various products, focused its activities on pen production in 1995. The company exports to 31 different countries with the vision of creating a productive, profitable, open to development and sustainable business model with an environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach.

Steppen Kalemcilik follows ISO 9001 standards to increase its quality standards. In order to maintain quality standards, attention is paid to the criteria of trust based in many years, quality, process management and reasonable prices in the supplier selection process. In addition, Steppen Kalemcilik, which adopts a policy of producing with a social benefit-oriented approach without having a negative impact on the environment and people, takes care to ensure that its suppliers are companies that respect the environment, living beings and employee rights in line with the same policy it adheres to.

In the company, energy waste is prevented by using sensor-operated LED lighting fixtures in areas not in use. In order to save water, the flow of water is restricted at the taps while warning signs are hung around the taps. By using parts of technological devices that have completed their economic lifetime as equipment for other processes, technological waste generation is prevented. In addition, waste generated in the company is separated and sent to authorized recycling facilities. The time that waste papers are recycled, if possible, is also extended. In 2019, a total of 3,185 kg of paper and 1,006 kg of plastic bag waste were sent for recycling. Within the scope of waste management, “Environmental Information System Report” and “Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization EIA Report” are carried out within the company.

The company, which attaches great importance to customer health and safety, delivers eco-friendly and antibacterial pens it produces with informative brochures. In order to check customer satisfaction, brief calls are made to customers by phone after delivery.

Steppen Kalemcilik strives for better employee health and safety. Accordingly, it receives consultancy services for Occupational Health and Safety affairs. Necessary improvements are made by regularly checking the working environment and hygiene conditions. Employees are trained on “Occupational Health and Safety”, “Earthquake Protection” and “Protection from Epidemic Diseases”. Apart from these, technical and vocational trainings are also provided.

Putting the social benefit at the centre of its activities, the company creates employment with the “Pen Assembly at Home” project that helps housewives earn money from home. In addition, it provides support as a sponsor in various activities of environmental associations and organizations.


Number of Employees: 42

Total Area of Operations: 1600m2

Providing service with quality and modern service understanding since 1985, Şahin Ozalit Ofis Gereçleri continues its operations with its four branches in Istanbul.

Şahin Ozalit attaches importance to maintaining quality standards and establishing continuous business relations during the supplier selection process.

The company repurposes devices that became obsolete in the IT Department. To ensure the efficient use of water resources, there are treatment devices and warning sign hung at relevant places. Waste generated within the company is separated and sent to authorized recycling facilities at regular intervals.

Şahin Ozalit takes the necessary measures in line with the recommendations of the auditing firm to ensure customer safety. Customers can submit their complaints and suggestions by communicating one-on-one or via e-mail.

Company acts in compliance with legal regulations in all processes related to employees. Employees are informed by the workplace doctors against diseases.

Şahin Ozalit contributes to its environment by feeding stray animals in the area it is located at. In addition, employees are supported in volunteering to non-governmental organizations.


Number of Employees: 9

Total Area of Operations: 730 m2

Founded in 2004 as an architecture, interior design and contracting company, T Dizayn Mimarlık operates with a 530 m2 office and a 200 m2 warehouse space in Istanbul.

At T Dizayn Mimarlık ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety System and ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems are applied.

Company manages the supply chain process in accordance with supplier selection and evaluation criteria specified in the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard. Criteria such as quality, scale, reliability, reasonable price and service continuity are considered while the presence of environmental, human rights and employee rights provisions in the contracts is ensured for suppliers selected from institutionalized firms.

To reduce its environmental impact and emissions, the company works on optimizing transportation through teleconferences and installs LED lamps, warning signs and flow reducing faucets for improved energy and water consumption. Furthermore, 80% of the company’s waste is sent for recycling. Waste management procedure is observed for the remaining 20%. Of the 89,81 kg of paper consumed in 2019, 81,64 kg was recycled.

With respect to customer health and safety, the company selects raw materials and products with TSI, CE and ISO certification and checks product contents for compliance with human health during the project planning process.

Twice a year, employee satisfaction surveys are conducted while occupational health and safety training, construction site organization training, warehouse inventory management training, emergency and rescue training are given at regular intervals. The company has an employee suggestion system via email. The company adopts the principles of creating an environment free from discrimination and harassment, respecting human rights and equality.

T Dizayn Mimarlık also engages in activities for the benefit of the people living in the region where it operates. In 2019, the company donated educational aid to Pertevniyal High School Directorate.


Number of Employees: 60

Total Area of Operations: 4.000 m2

 Tes Konfeksiyon Ltd. Şti. was founded in 1993 in Istanbul and is currently headquartered in Ataşehir. The company has branches in İstanbul, Ankara and Muğla as well as a dealership network across Turkey, and operates on a total area of 4,000 m2 space.

Tes Konfeksiyon takes into consideration whether suppliers operate in compliance with Doğuş Otomotiv Business Ethics principles and informs the supply chain accordingly. When a situation in violation of the quality standards or ethical business conduct is identified in the supply chain, a warning is issued to correct it and if the violation is not remedied, the business relationship with the said party is terminated. The company acts in accordance with Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics in all aspects of business processes. Ethical rules are communicated to all employees. Furthermore, employees authorized to handle corruption related issues are trained while all transactions are recorded and supervised.

Tes Konfeksiyon does not accept gifts sent by suppliers or third parties pursuant to ethical principles. These stakeholders are instead asked if they wish to donate to charitable organizations such as Association of Children with Autism, THK, and Darüşşafaka, etc. The company also offers a special 15% discount in sailing apparel to support team sports and to promote the positive impact of social activities.

At Tes Konfeksiyon, energy saving LED bulbs and motion-sensor controlled lighting fixtures in less used areas are installed to save energy. In order to save water, pressure-reducing faucet systems are used. The drinking water in the company is provided via a water saving purification system.

The company acts in accordance with the regulations required for the recycling and disposal of wastes and cooperates with Ataşehir Municipality for waste management. In 2019, approximately 280 kg of wastepaper and packaging were recycled.

All the brands that company distributes are investigated and checked for availability of audits for production processes. If no adverse situation for customer health and safety is identified in inspections, business is carried out with those companies.

Tes Konfeksiyon works with an occupational safety specialist for the health and safety of employees. In the Company, where 5% of the employees in total received first aid training, the occupational safety specialist provides detailed training on other health and safety issues in quarterly periods.

During the year, employees receive trainings on a number of topics including product and sales strategy, ethical principles, and occupational safety. Each employee participates in training programs four times a year. The trainings that employees want to take for personal development are supported by the Company in terms of both material and time resources.


Number of Employees: 5

Total Area of Operations: 250 m2

Uçar Ofset Matbaacılık is a company that has been operating in the field of printing since 2006 in Istanbul.

When choosing its suppliers, Uçar Ofset takes care to ensure that the quality and delivery time of the products consistently meet the same standards. In the supplier selection process, apart from high quality, suppliers are expected to provide working conditions in compliance with legal regulations as well.

Various efforts are carried out by the company to reduce its environmental impact. Energy-saving lamps are preferred to reduce energy consumption. In addition, the company contributes to the environment by sending its wastepaper to recycling. In 2019, 3,500 kg of wastepaper, 1 kg of waste battery and 250 kg of waste mould were sent to be recycled.

Thanks to their low numbers, employees within the company are always in a dialogue. For this reason, there is no employee satisfaction survey or a complaint/suggestion system in place. A dynamic environment where employees can always convey their requests and suggestions is created. Employee working conditions are regulated in accordance with legal regulations. Furthermore, physicians screen employees regularly in line with legal regulations. In addition to various technical and professional trainings to support employees' personal development, Human Rights Training and Ethical Principles Training were given in 2019. During the year, a total of 7 people was trained including interns.

Uçar Ofset contributes to the society by investing in communication lines and garage services found in the region it is located. In addition, the company provides aids to families in need and scholarships to students.



Number of Employees: 30

Total Area of Operations: 750 m2

Umut Doğa Matbaacılık began its packaging operations in 2004 and later moved to paper as well. Today, the company is engaged in offset and other printing services on a 750 m2 area in Istanbul.

Umut Doğa Matbaacılık applies ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The company holds FAMA and FSC certifications. In addition to these, the audit was completed for the BSCI certificate, which started in 2018, and the B grade was obtained.

In the supply chain structure, suppliers are scored in surveys. The most important factors for the company in the supplier selection process are high quality and fast delivery. Again in the selection of suppliers, importance is given to their compliance with the criteria in 13 fields of activity under BSCI

Umut Doğa Matbaacılık conducts an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to evaluate customer complaints and suggestions. There are also customer representatives that the customers can contact.

Occupational Health and Safety Training, Environmental Training and First Aid Training, which are mandatory for employees, are provided by the company. In 2019, employees took 570 hours of training in total. In addition, health screening is offered to employees at regular intervals. Employee Satisfaction Survey is conducted once a year and necessary improvements are made according to the results.

The Company holds monthly Coordination Meetings on performance management. These meetings are attended by relevant employees and after the objectives are determined necessary tasks are distributed.

Umut Doğa Matbaacılık manufactures products that do not threaten human health and nature by using vegetable dyes. After the waste generated in the company is sorted as hazardous and non-hazardous, they are sent to a leading Turkish environmental management company to reduce environmental impact. Wastepaper, packaging and batteries are also recycled. In 2019, 248,145 kg of paper was recycled. Furthermore, waste management trainings are provided to raise awareness among employees.


Number of Employees: 40

Total Area of Operations: 2.000 m2

Vog Tekstil, founded in 1996 in Istanbul, is a manufacturer specializing in the field of customized textile products including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece jackets and hats.

In selection criteria applied to supply chain management, Vog Tekstil prioritizes such factors as providing quality products and services, customer service and after sales follow-up and meeting support requests, offering affordable prices quickly and responding to possible problems swiftly and positively. Furthermore, suppliers that are certified for and comply with human and labour rights laws and regulations related to vital issues such as child labour, unregistered labour, illegal labour, unhealthy working environment are preferred particularly for clients like Doğuş Otomotiv and foreign buyers. These terms are included in the agreements sent to the suppliers to accept and sign.

Vog Tekstil began to use LED lighting fixtures with motion sensors in its buildings along with low energy consuming light bulbs across the Company in order to save energy. Meanwhile, employees are encouraged to become more aware of energy saving. To reduce environmental impact of the IT Department, servers were switched to virtual environment and the replaced equipment were sent for recycling. Wastepaper disposal and waste separation activities at Vog Tekstil are carried out in cooperation with the municipality. In 2019, a total of 50 kg of wastepaper was recycled. In addition, although a small amount, waste batteries are collected and sent to the district municipality for recycling. The company reduced its carbon footprint by planning supplier visits to reduce emissions.

Vog Tekstil follows global standards in product safety and customer health issues. Certificates are requested from suppliers of dyes, yarns and fabrics used in production after fabrics are selected and before production starts, recorded and shared with the customers. Domestic production is also checked for certification. The Company exercises due diligence and sensitivity to ensure that the dyeing plants and fabric production facilities that supply the materials comply with health regulations. The company has started Sedex Smeta social compliance studies in 2019. Within the scope of social responsibility of the company, preparations for auditing that will document its compliance with occupational safety standards and world labour organization standards have been completed.

Vog Tekstil participates in events organized across Turkey together with its employees to support education and people with disabilities. In 2019, after the country encountered earthquake disaster, persons in need were supported through the district municipality. Vog Tekstil regularly helps animal shelters in the area where it operates.


Number of Employees: 287

Total Area of Operations: 85.000 m2

Yiğitoğlu provides services in two basic categories: “Professional Cleaning Products and Systems” and “Chemical Product” groups. Since 1956, it continues its activities with the principle of being a company that is always mentioned with quality and confidence.

Yiğitoğlu provides services in accordance with ISO 9001: 2005 Quality Management Systems standards. To maintain quality standards, the most important criteria in the supplier selection process are business quality, as well as business discipline, brand size, ethical rules and corporate culture. Products purchased from the suppliers are required to be certified products that are harmless to human health, living beings and the environment.

Energy saving policies are implemented to reduce energy consumption within the company. To reduce water consumption, awareness raising activities are conducted for employees. Apart from these, taps which are equipped with sufficient pressure and sensor-operated faucets were preferred to minimize water consumption. Electronic waste generated in the IT Department is sent to contracted recycling facilities. All wastes such as paper, packaging, plastic, battery waste generated within the company are separated and sent to authorized recycling facilities. In 2019, 540 kg of wastepaper was recycled.

Yiğitoğlu conducts all kinds of processes related to the employees’ working conditions and employees as prescribed by law. Employees regularly go through health screening and receive necessary training. Yiğitoğlu organizes satisfaction surveys using the Microsoft Office Form program to measure the satisfaction of its employees. According to the results, necessary improvements are made within the company. Apart from Occupational Health and Safety, vocational and technical trainings are provided to support the personal development of employees. Yiğitoğlu is a company that values human rights and gives importance to job creation. It employs more than the legal quota number of disabled employees. Also, in order to contribute to the community, it meets the stationary needs of schools in need located in various regions of Turkey.