In 2016, the light commercial vehicle market shrank 6.5% compared to the previous year, and 226,782 units of vehicles were sold. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles reached a 14.5% share in the light commercial vehicle market with 32,772 units of sales, and maintained its leadership with 30.4% market share in the imported commercial vehicle market. Volkswagen brand became the best-selling brand for the fourth time this year, with their total sales of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Transporter model reached its highest market share in history with a market share of 48.2% and 13,393 sales units in 2016. Amarok model reached 18.9% market share with 3,643 units sold, Crafter model achieved 6.3% market share with 3,605 units, while the Caddy had 17.6% market share with sales of 12,131 units.

New product launches

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launched its strong and powerful model Amarok with a new body in 2016. New Amarok, featuring 3-liter V6, the most powerful engine in its class, new technologies and comfort advantages, was widely presented by 360° communications strategy.

The Comfortline equipment, which was favorite in the previous Transporter generation, launched in February. Transporter Comfortline differentiates itself with the superior level of comfort and standard equipment features offered.

Caddy, the most desired model of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, differentiates itself by using high technology and superior equipment in Exclusive version. The New Caddy Exclusive which was developed especially for Turkey, has strengthened Caddy's position in the competition with its high equipment level. The launch of the New Caddy Exclusive in 2016 was supported with effective communication activities that brought positive impact on the increase of the Caddy's market share.

Caravelle Team model, draws inspiration from the bicolor design of the legendary Volkswagen T1 (which was produced 66 years ago and created its own class), has launched in August 2016.

Brand communication

In line with its target oriented marketing strategy, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles continued its effective communication activities based on an in-depth analysis of the profile and the media used by its customers. A variety of projects was executed in order to promote Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand, to inform the customers and to introduce the products to the customers.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles pioneers on social media platforms such as Facebook with over 1,000,000 followers, as well as Instagram and YouTube, through its customer-focused, innovative and attractive implementations and through the offerings on online channels based on reinforcing customer satisfaction.

In 2016, "Advanced Driving Pleasure" videos of all models were shot for social and digital media. In these videos, the technological and electronic systems of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles models are shown in "how it works" format with the aim of communicating the product specifications to the users. The goal is to increase the benefits and customer satisfaction from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles models.

A brand new innovation released in 2016 is "Intelligent Turkuaz Screen" application for the Volkswagen Authorized Dealers and Aftersales Services. The objective is to analyze Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles users' online and offline permitted data to provide the most appropriate offering. The Intelligent Turkuaz Screens process information according to specific algorithms within the system, display the results to sales or service consultants, thereby help to improve the quality of customer relations. With the support of visual effects, consultants response the customer faster and the time spent in the showroom efficiently increases.

Onsite activities for CRM and Authorized Dealers

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has continued its approach to be one step ahead of the customer expectations in 2016. As a result of project of potential customers and external visits launched early 2011, the number of potential customer entries reached 272,000 by the end of 2016. A total of 75,000 customers have been visited actively and on one-to-one basis during 2016.

After-sales services

The number of Authorized Service points reached 76 after the opening of the Avek Çanakkale services in 2016. Authorized Services offer services to an average of 17,500 customers in a month with around 209,000 vehicles visiting service points in a year.


In 2017, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will carry on its activities for the purpose of protecting its strong position in the light commercial vehicles market and its strong brand image in all customer-oriented areas such as the product, authorized dealers onsite activities, and after-sales services. A broad range of products, assurance provided by Doğuş Automotive and Volkswagen brands, authorized Dealers network spread across Turkey, and strong customer communication will be the major tools of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to attain its 2017 targets.