Škoda has crowned 2016 with awards

ŠKODA continued its growth trend, and after record-breaking sales of 22,107 units in 2015, sold 28,876 passenger cars in 2016, marking an increase of 30.62% in sales. These figures reflected on the brand's position that rose from 13 to 11, with 3.81% market share.


ŠKODA increased its sales to 28,876 units in 2016 by boosting the sales approximately 30.6% year on year. Recording higher growth than the market average of 4.3%, ŠKODA had sold 22,107 units the previous year. Meanwhile ŠKODA's global sales increased 6.8%, reaching a total of 1,127,000. ŠKODA Turkey stayed ahead of important markets such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Belgium, and maintained its seventh place among ŠKODA's international markets.

Performance of models

ŠKODA Turkey sold 28,876 passenger cars in 2016. Octavia, the bestselling model of 2015, was again the most popular model with a total of 12,854 deliveries, constituting 45% of overall sales, and increasing its sales 27% year on year. Superb, the second most sold model, similarly increased its share in overall sales to 27.6%, selling 7,872 units.

The success of ŠKODA Turkey was not limited to its sales performance, but also extended to online. ŠKODA Turkey sustained its fast rise on Facebook with 564,254 followers, and recorded stable growth on its website www.skoda.com.tr with 8,344,796 visitors.

What's new in 2016 and 2017

In 2016, products supporting ŠKODA's 4x4 image were promoted. In addition to 4x4 versions of Octavia, Octavia Combi and Superb, Octavia RS and Octavia Combi RS models were also offered in 4x4 versions.

The completely renewed third generation of Superb, which successfully represents ŠKODA brand in the D segment, was launched in Turkey and received with great interest. Since 2016 was the first full year that the new Superb was sold, it recorded increase in sales and share within the brand. The success of Superb was also supported by the 'Car of the Year in Turkey' award by the Turkish Automotive Journalists Association (OGD). Among the shortlisted seven candidates, Škoda Superb was voted the winner by 64 automotive journalists.

ŠKODA Turkey was named the most successful distributor in the Aftersales Services Category among 103 countries at the "Best Distributor Awards" hosted by the manufacturer.

The other important innovation for ŠKODA was Kodiaq launched in September 2016. Kodiaq developed on VW Group's MQB platform of VW Group drew great attention as the first large SUV model of the brand. Kodiaq, which marks the continuation of the change that started with Superb, is expected to be available for sale in March. Kodiaq, which will come in 5-seat and 7-seat versions, is expected to attract new customers to the ŠKODA brand in Turkey and around the globe.

Another important novelty of 2017 will be the launch of the global bestseller Octavia's revamped model. The Sedan, Combi and RS versions will undergo major overhaul as part of the renovation. The sales of the new Octavia, which captured significant sales figures in Turkey, is set to start in March. In July, the revamped versions of Rapid and Rapid Spaceback will be available in Turkey.

2017 market share target

With the new products, ŠKODA continues to make great progress in the global arena and in Turkey, and aims to offer the first true SUV model in 2017 for non-ŠKODA customers. Appealing to a broad audience from large families to users who prefer SUVs, Kodiaq will contribute positively to sales as part of the changing face of the brand.

Turkey has become one of the fastest countries to complete the Corporate Identity Transition that ŠKODA launched in 2013. This new concept, which includes quality activities to improve brand perception, is designed to increase customer satisfaction completely from the customers' showroom visits to purchasing and aftersales services. ŠKODA, which has succeeded in increasing sales figures every year in Turkey, will present the widest product range with the new SUV model to enter showrooms in 2017.

ŠKODA Turkey, which operates 37 Authorized Aftersales Services was named the most successful distributor in the Aftersales Services Category among 103 countries at the "Best Distributor Awards" hosted by the manufacturer while the new Superb was awarded as the "'Car of the Year in Turkey"' by OGD.