Esteemed Stakeholders,

The Turkish economy was able to record only 2.4 % growth for first nine months of the year due to the challenging conditions in the global economy. However, despite the difficulties, the Turkish automotive industry has achieved positive results in terms of production, exports and total market indicators. When we look at the passenger car market indicators in Turkey, the total retail market for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, which sold 968,017 units in 2015, increased 1.6%, and sold 983,720 units in 2016. Passenger car sales, which amounted to 725,596 in 2015, increased by 4.3% to 756,938 in 2016 while light commercial vehicle sales that sold 242,421 in 2015 decreased by 6.5% in 2016 to 226,782 units. For Doğuş Otomotiv that carries out business in line with its goal of providing services beyond expectations with 22 years of experience and expertise 2016 was a year that we attained positive financial and operational results. Doğuş Otomotiv increased its retail market share, excluding heavy commercial vehicles, from 20.6% to 21% with sales up from 199,226 to 206,896 units.

12 brands, all leaders in their segments, and nearly 80 models…

Doğuş Otomotiv reached positive results with all of its brands in 2016. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles recorded the highest sales figures ever in 2016 and captured the highest market share yet; while SEAT achieved the highest sales performance in its history with 20,637 units.

Škoda was named the most successful distributor among 103 countries in the annual "Best Distributor Award" event in the Aftersales Services category.

As of 2016 yearend, Volkswagen Passenger Cars has sold more than 100,000 retail vehicles, becoming the most preferred brand in Turkey for the fourth times. Audi, achieved significant success in 2016, increasing its sales in the retail passenger car market by 8.51% year on year, and reaching the highest sales figure on record with 22,005. Porsche has reached a sales figure of 827 with the sales, marketing and aftersales services actions designed in line with the global digitalization strategy, and became one of the 2016 Gladiators in the "Outdoor Execution of the Year" category for the first time in the ODD Sales and Communication Awards.

Spare Parts and Logistics Department made a difference with 99% parts availability

Our Spare Parts and Logistics department, which carries out the spare parts imports, storage and delivery to authorized aftersales services for all brands under the roof of Doğuş Otomotiv, maintained its leadership in the industry with 99% parts availability as of 2016 yearend. The department imported 186,300 vehicles and delivered 211,000 vehicles to Authorized Dealers, in 2016.

Value and Care Center: A strong step toward peerless customer satisfaction

The Value and Care Center which operates under Doğuş Otomotiv, has continued to give a unique experience to our customers and has successfully contributed to business process of both the brands and the Authorized Dealers and Services as dialogue management, roadside assistance, call center and operational services in 2016. Doğuş Otomotiv Value and Care Center (DIM), has made us proud by winning top two prizes at the Awards for the high quality standards which it attained in a short time.

Our information technology infrastructure is our greatest support…

As a company that carries out activities with dealers through a strong network infrastructure, we do not limit our contact with customers to the showrooms but fully meet customer expectations with the communication channels created in line with requirements of technology.

Award-winning HR projects

Doğuş Otomotiv considers its skilled and experienced manpower as one of the most important components of its sustainable success performance. It has successfully carried out education activities for its authorized dealers' personnel in 2016 with Drive Project, launched in 2014. The GO (Development School) Platform, an online social learning network developed with gamification approach, has made us proud by winning four prizes at the internationally recognized Stevie and Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in 2016.

"Traffic is Life!" celebrates its 12th years...

The "Traffic is Life!" Social Responsibility Platform that we have started to raise awareness about a safe traffic culture in Turkey continued to engage our stakeholder groups with projects that made a difference in 2016.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of our stakeholders for their support in 2016 toward the continued success of Doğuş Otomotiv, one of the most experienced actors in the Turkish automotive industry.

As Doğuş Otomotiv, we pursue our business processes on long-term targets. We will continue to follow closely the developments in automotive and its technologies, and will be offering innovative products and services to our customers.


Emir Ali Bilaloğlu
Chief Executive Officer