Sustainability Performance of Authorized Dealers and After-Sales Services

Sustainability Performance of Authorized Dealers and After Sales Services


We started sharing strategies and carrying out awareness raising activities related to sustainability with our Authorized Dealers and Aftersales Service Centers, as a priority stakeholder group within Doğuş Otomotiv’s sphere of influence, in 2014. By increasing the number of Authorized Dealers and Aftersales Service Centers included in our Sustainability Report to 21 in 2017, we are accelerating our efforts for spreading our development goals for corporate sustainability wider.


The following Authorized Dealers and Aftersales Service Centers are included in the 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report: Acarlar Otomotiv Tic. ve San. A.Ş. (İstanbul), Acarsan Audi (Gaziantep), Aldo Otomotiv Servis İnşaat Taahhüt Turizm Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (Mersin), Altur Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (İstanbul), Attarlar Otomotiv A.Ş. (Konya), Avek Otomotiv Servis San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (İstanbul, Çanakkale), Aykan Servis Otomotiv San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (İstanbul), Başaran Otomotiv Otelcilik Tur. İnş. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (Isparta-Fethiye-Alanya-Antalya Merkez, Başaran Antalya Döşemealtı (Scania), Alvin Otomotiv), Demoto Demireller Otomotiv Pazarlama Maden İnş. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (Afyon-Kütahya-Manisa), Erel Otomotiv İnşaat San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (İstanbul: Kadıköy, Maltepe), Kayadibi Otomotiv Tic. ve San. Ltd. Şti. (İstanbul), Lena Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (Aydın-Muğla), MBU Yapı Otomotiv San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (İzmir), Mercan Satış ve Servis Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Şti. (Edirne Merkez, Keşan), Opat Otomotiv İnşaat Elektronik Tur. Gıda Paz. San. Tic. A.Ş. (Mersin: Mezitli, Tarsus), Özön Petrol Ürünleri Otomotiv Nakl. İnş. San. Taah. Ltd. Şti. (İstanbul, Samsun), Şenyıldız (İstanbul: Yenikapı,Nişantaşı, Topkapı), Tamaş Motorlu Araçlar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (İstanbul: Topkapı, Bakırköy), Uzay Oto A.Ş. (İstanbul), Vimsa Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (Şanlıurfa), Vosmer Otomotiv Tic. ve San. A.Ş. (İzmir: Alsancak, Gaziemir).






Number of Employees: 166

Operational Territory: İstanbul

Total Area of Operations: 20,500 m2



Apart from ISO 9001 quality standards and TSE 12047 standard, Acarlar Otomotiv fully applies Volkswagen AG and Doğuş Otomotiv quality standards as well. Several business processes within the organization are monitored with the support of internal audit experts. Having established the Human Resources Department in 2017, Acarlar Otomotiv plans to conduct the first employee satisfaction survey in 2018. In supply chain management, the Company regularly monitors its suppliers for compliance with the legal rights of all employees as well as occupational health and safety legislation.


Acarlar Otomotiv completed the conversion of the entire lighting system into LEDs in 2017 with the aim of reducing its environmental impact. In addition to a Company concept designed to benefit from daylight in the most efficient manner, Acarlar Otomotiv also strives to maximize energy efficiency through lighting systems with motion sensors in the warehouse and parking areas, as well as employee computers, all configured to automatically shutdown at the end of the day. The Company also provides information about the fact that increased energy costs would reflect negatively on profitability to raise environmental awareness among employees.


Technical studies on treating and reusing the consumed water are ongoing at Acarlar Otomotiv. With 86% of the Company's water consumption resulting from car wash service, awareness raising and improvement activities are also carried out within the same scope. Acarlar continues to cooperate with Anel Doğa and Vebsan for waste management and also supports composting its organic waste at the waste treatment plant built in cooperation with Beykoz Municipality as part of the zero waste project to be used in efficient agriculture and gardening. The plant converts 950 kg of organic waste into compost monthly. Furthermore, the Company delivered 2,111 kg of battery waste to Vebsan for recycling purposes.


Acarlar provides advanced driving techniques trainings for service consultants and foremen and also conducts periodic surveys through an independent firm in addition to regular assessments of Doğuş Otomotiv and Volkswagen AG to measure customer satisfaction.


Acarlar Otomotiv employees are entitled to 10% of company profits along with a number of fringe benefits. The Company also extends financial assistance in the event that an employee is in need to be paid back in affordable installments. Employee development trainings on various topics including sales and aftersales, and occupational health and safety amounted to 2,108 hours in total.

Acarlar Otomotiv informs all new employees and declares that all people have the right to an equal, free and dignified life, without discrimination against gender, race, skin color, religion, language, age, nationality, difference of opinion, national or social origin, or financial standing, etc.


In 2017, Acarlar Otomotiv donated TL 17,450 in total to nine foundations, associations and clubs in the region where it operates.



Number of Employees: 88

Operational Territory: Gaziantep

Total Area of Operations: 4,000 m2



Acarsan Audi strives to use new systems to reduce environmental impact and employees are informed about environmental issues. Acarsan Audi, which disposes of and recycles the wastes it generated in accordance with the laws and regulations, delivered 1,265 kg of battery waste, 1,180 kg of worn tires, 1,075 kg of waste filter and 16,160 lt. lubricant waste to licensed organizations for disposal in 2017.


In 2017, 11 employees without vocational qualification certification were supported to obtain their certificates and qualification of all mechanical technicians was completed.


Acarsan Audi rewards its employees in various ways throughout the year to ensure employee satisfaction and maximize motivation. In this context, Acarsan Audi presented plaques to employee who completed five years at the Company or achieved the highest scores in performance appraisals while four people from the sales, aftersales, accounting and fleet departments were awarded as the most successful employees of the year. Furthermore, one of these four won the award for employee of the year.


Acarsan Audi sponsored Gaziantep Tennis Club (GATİK) in 2017.



Number of Employees: 41

Operational Territory: Mersin

Total Area of Operations: 3,519 m2



Aldo Otomotiv has declared that in selecting suppliers, the Company considers the environmental, human rights and employee rights practices of the firms in addition to other quality and efficiency expectations. The Company also states that detailed information about discrimination and human rights is included in the Human Resources Manual. Aldo Otomotiv uses the Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics as reference in its business processes.


Aldo Otomotiv uses LED bulbs, lighting systems with motion sensors and low energy consuming air conditioning systems for energy efficiency. Activities to reduce water consumption include replacing the faucets and installing urinals with sensors. Aldo Otomotiv separates and disposes of wastes in accordance with laws and regulations, and sends the replaced parts to disposal companies after obtaining the customer’s approval.


Adopting the BCS (Beyond Customer Satisfaction) approach, the Company aims to provide personalized service for customers and inquires about their specific requests to be made available at the time of appointment.


The Company employs an occupational health and safety specialist and a workplace physician. Health and safety issues are addressed within the framework of applicable legislation. Additionally, Aldo Otomotiv employs the services of a dietitian to support employees for healthy nutrition. The dietitian visits the Company every week and meets with people who have weight issues to create diet lists and coach tem. Currently, 20 employees benefit from this service. Other opportunities offered for employees include children's playroom at the workplace under the supervision of a nursery assistant, birthday leave, birth and wedding gifts and house moving support.


The Company covers the cost of personal or professional development trainings that the employees wish to attend and also extends support toward completing high school or university education. As a performance management system, Aldo Otomotiv uses the D-Human system for the last two years and also conducts employee satisfaction surveys at regular intervals.


Aldo Otomotiv makes regular donations to Lösev and Kızılay every year. In 2017, donations amounted to TL 10,000 for these institutions. Moreover, 24 university students are granted TL 150 each per month as scholarship. Aldo Otomotiv also promotes corporate volunteering and encourages employees by allowing them to visit nursing homes, orphanages and pediatric leukemia hospital at certain intervals during working hours.



Number of Employees: 239

Operational Territory: İstanbul

Total Area of Operations: 35,000 m²



Altur Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. started to serve its customers as Authorized Dealer and Aftersales Service Center for Volkswagen and SEAT brands in 2005, and later added Fleet Rental to its range of services and became a DOD reseller of used vehicles in 2006. Altur Otomotiv became an Authorized Skoda Dealer in 2014, increasing the number of brands in its portfolio to four. Altur Otomotiv operates in Yenibosna, a district in Istanbul’s European side.


Altur Otomotiv manages all processes according to TS12047 and ISO 9001 standards and also considers Doğuş Otomotiv’s Business Ethics principles in supplier selection criteria.


Altur Otomotiv utilizes smart building systems to achieve energy efficiency. The building where the Company operates features lighting fixtures that change intensity depending on changing daylight, and motion sensors to conserve electricity.


Altur separates the waste it generates as hazardous and non-hazardous waste, and regularly delivers them to the licensed organizations for proper disposal in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In 2017, Altur delivered approximately 2 tons of paper waste for recycling.


Altur informs customers about the emission levels of vehicles during the sale process, indicating that vehicles are getting lighter with every new model and the practice of using recycled materials is spreading.


Altur acts in compliance with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety. The Company conducts employee satisfaction surveys annually to achieve ultimate employee satisfaction and makes improvements where necessary according to survey results.


Trainings aimed at developing employees are provided by Doğuş Otomotiv according to the standards determined by Volkswagen AG. Performance appraisals of the employees are carried out via the D-Human Performance Appraisal System and employees are later informed of the results.



Number of Employees: 66

Operational Territory: Konya

Total Area of Operations: 8,523 m2



Attarlar evaluates suppliers, which are considered a priority in terms of quality standards, within the scope of environmental, human rights and employee rights practices. In 2017, Attarlar continued to develop dialogue platforms with stakeholders at regular intervals.


The Company uses energy saving light bulbs and lighting systems with motion sensors to reduce energy consumption and also informs its employees about the issue. Attarlar built a new area for storing waste in 2017 and prepared a three-year waste management plan, which was submitted to and duly approved by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning in Konya. The Company manages waste in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and works with licensed organizations for waste disposal.


In 2017, Attarlar employed a dedicated customer consultant to improve customer satisfaction. Attarlar also increased the number of spare parts employees to provide faster and better quality service for its customers and also employed a separate individual to be in charge of workshop planning.


In 2017, the Company provided 12 man/hours training on occupational health and safety and further 4 man/hours of fire training. Attarlar employees receive refresher trainings about emergencies every six months. In 2017, 5 employees received a total of 40 hours of first aid training.


Attarlar Otomotiv employees attend professional development trainings in certain periods. All workshop employees are also encouraged to hold at least high school diplomas. In 2017, most of the employees earned professional qualification certification. For this purpose, the Company worked with Bakırcı Otomotiv, an authorized certification body that provides exam and certification services for national qualifications.


Attarlar managers attended career days organized for the students of Vocational High School engine department in December 2017 and spoke with the students about the industry.



Number of Employees: 598

Operational Territory: İstanbul and Çanakkale

Total Area of Operations: 95,000 m2



Avek Otomotiv, which opened its second branch in Istanbul in 2017, carries out its activities according to TSI and ISO standards. The Company acts in line with Doğuş Otomotiv standards when selecting suppliers and requires them to submit occupational health and safety documentation along with standard documents.


Avek Otomotiv declares that savings of up to 35% can be achieved with the LED luminaires and lighting systems with motion sensors for more efficient use of energy. Avek collects and disposes of wastes in accordance with laws and regulations and conducts awareness-raising activities to reduce paper consumption. Avek also cooperated with the Mind Your Waste Foundation and placed informative and motivating posters in locations around the premises where they could be easily seen by both employees and customers.


Avek Otomotiv installed ramps in all showroom entrances for easy access of customers with disabilities and built a disability-friendly. Wheelchair is available in the Company for the elderly and people with disabilities.


A suggestion system that allows the employees to share their suggestions and requests related to business processes directly with senior management is available on the Company intranet.


As part of the cooperation with Koruncuk Foundation, Avek Otomotiv makes donations on behalf of customers who purchase from the Company. With this program, TL 10,000 in total was donated and the customers were presented donation certificates. The Company also donated TL 150,000 to amateur sports clubs in Çanakkale, TL 5,000 to Tema Foundation and TL 10,000 to the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV).


Avek Otomotiv continues to support the Volkswagen Avek Training Laboratory at the Borsa Istanbul Başakşehir Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. The Company donated TL 80,000 throughout the year to meet various needs. Avek Otomotiv also hires interns from the Şişli, Bağcılar and İkitelli Industrial Vocational High Schools every year.



Number of Employees: 358

Operational Territory: İstanbul

Total Area of Operations: 76,250 m2



Aykan Otomotiv uses ISO, Q-Check and Phantom test standards to improve service quality every day.


Aykan Otomotiv reinforced roofing with transparent sheets to make maximum use of daylight. The Company is also developing a solar power project for using renewable energy resources.


Aykan Otomotiv carries out waste management in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Aykan renewed the waste/clean lubricant tanks in 2017 and placed them inside concrete housing to prevent lubricants from penetrating the soil. Aykan Otomotiv informs employees during company meetings about saving energy and the ecological environment.


Aykan Otomotiv started conducting regular employee satisfaction surveys in cooperation with Doğuş Otomotiv and now monitors the results. Aykan Otomotiv employees can communicate opinions and suggestions to the management via the Company intranet.


There is an active and systematic suggestion system in place and a suggestion committee in the Company. Aykan Otomotiv supports employees, who are students of open high school and open university by giving them paid leave when needed. The Company started to work on transforming the performance system into a manageable process in 2017.


Aykan Otomotiv, which built the Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Besni, Adıyaman and then turned it over to the Ministry of Education, continues its support. The Company contributes to job creation by participating in platforms such as employment fairs, career days and also taking part in İşkur projects.



Number of Employees: 377

Operational Territory: Isparta-Fethiye-Alanya-Antalya City Center


Başaran Otomotiv regards environmental awareness as an important attribute for suppliers. The Company also considers criteria such as ensuring health and safety, waste disposal practices and availability of recycling certificates in selection and audit processes.


Başaran Otomotiv uses lighting fixtures with photocell in common areas and timers in central locations along with energy saving lighting systems in showrooms and workshops to reduce energy consumption. The Company also carries out various activities to consume less water. A separate tank with a regulator is used in the car wash area to minimize unnecessary water use. Başaran Otomotiv built a wastewater treatment system in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. Başaran Otomotiv has installed exhaust gas absorption systems to protect the workshop employees’ health while servicing the vehicles in the workshop and to prevent harmful gases from being released to the environment.


The Company disposes of or recycles wastes in cooperation with licensed organizations in accordance with laws and regulations.

At Başaran Otomotiv, sales representatives explain in detail the importance of using safety belts and observing safe driving distance for the customers, and the importance of disabling the passenger airbag for child seats or children traveling in the front for families with children and provide similar information during pre-sales test drives.


During the year, career days, which the interns also attend, are organized while employees are provided information to make their career plans for the future. Başaran Otomotiv also supports employees studying in open schools with paid leave during working hours if needed. The opinions and suggestions of employees emailed to are collected and evaluated.


Başaran Otomotiv provided financial support for the construction of a school in the region where it operates. In addition, student scholarships in certain ratios are provided. Başaran Otomotiv employees participate in the annual Runatolia marathon voluntarily and transfer the donations they receive to charitable institutions.



Number of Employees: 63

Operational Territory: Afyon-Kütahya-Manisa

Total Area of Operations: 8,000 m2



Demoto considers business ethics as its main priority and manages all operational processes in accordance with Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics.


The Company carries out its activities in compliance with energy efficiency and waste management laws and regulations and regularly informs its employees to raise their environmental awareness.


Demoto employs the services of a specialist firm for occupational health and safety. Regular occupational health and safety checks and inspections are conducted within the Company. During the year, the Company provides necessary trainings by occupational health and safety specialists.


Demoto conducts an employee satisfaction survey to learn about employee expectations during the year. Based on the results obtained, employees are contacted one to one and necessary corrections and improvements are made. Furthermore, suggestions submitted by employees are evaluated and the ones deemed viable are implemented.


Demoto creates employment in the region where it operates and also grants scholarships and supports people and families with limited financial means. The Company donates TL 1,500 to the Afyon Education Foundation on a monthly basis.


Number of Employees: 325

Operational Territory: İstanbul: Kadıköy, Maltepe

Total Area of Operations: 20,000 m2



Erel Otomotiv, which diligently meets all the quality standards and audits of Doğuş Otomotiv and manages the related processes, updated its website and opened official social media accounts in 2017, taking another step in managing customer communications professionally.


Erel Otomotiv considers issues such as human rights and employee rights in supplier selection and includes provisions regarding occupational health and safety in supplier agreements.


Erel Otomotiv also carries out various awareness raising activities within the scope of energy efficiency. Erel Otomotiv’s Audi showroom features a smart panel system and lighting for efficient use of daylight. The Company works with a consultancy firm to reduce electricity consumption and achieve more efficient energy use. In order to reduce water consumption in the Company, awareness raising activities are carried out among the employees and equipment are used to save water.


Erel Otomotiv, which manages wastes in compliance with laws and regulations, delivered 3,500 kg of waste paper and 12 kg of battery waste for recycling in 2017.


Erel Otomotiv takes all necessary precautions in line with occupational health and safety laws and regulations and provides trainings for employees. In 2017, 280 employees were trained for 4 hours each, amounting to 1,120 hours in total.


Erel Otomotiv conducts an employee satisfaction survey annually to cover all employees, and necessary actions are taken based on survey results. Accordingly, a suggestion box is available in the Company to collect and evaluate the employees’ suggestions. Adopting the principle of equal rights for equal work, Erel Otomotiv established the Internal Audit Department in 2015 to prevent corruption and manage ethical processes properly.


Erel Otomotiv makes donations to various charitable organizations throughout the year and grants monthly scholarships to 9 university students. The total amount of scholarships granted in TL 20,000. Furthermore, the Company purchase three servers in 2017 and donated them to Tuzla Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.




Number of Employees: 71

Operational Territory: İstanbul

Total Area of Operations: 9,500 m2



Kayadibi Otomotiv, an Authorized SEAT Dealer since 1999, continues to provide quality service for its customers in Istanbul, operating also as Skoda Authorized Dealer and Aftersales Service Center since 2009.


In 2017, Kayadibi Otomotiv completed the construction of a new meeting room in the service department and a separate office division for customer representatives. A new car park area has been leased for service clients and the façade of the service building has been updated according to the new corporate identity.


Kayadibi Otomotiv provides periodical training for sales and service consultants using product presentations. Customer Satisfaction surveys are conducted by employees in charge of surveys in relevant departments using the standardized questions of the brands.


Kayadibi Otomotiv, which has implemented all kinds of dialogue platforms to maintain ultimate employee satisfaction, regularly conducts employee engagement surveys within the scope of the DRIVE program of Doğuş Otomotiv Human Resources Department.


Kayadibi Otomotiv complies with occupational health and safety legislation and provides necessary for the employees. In addition, wastes are delivered licensed organizations for disposal in accordance with Doğuş Otomotiv standards.



Number of Employees: 173

Operational Territory: Aydın, Muğla



Lena Otomotiv, which operates in accordance with international quality standards, has established an audit department to ensure that ethical principles are observed. Business ethics is a systematically managed process in the Company.


For efficient energy use at Lena Otomotiv, control mechanisms have been established within the Company and necessary investments have been made. Additionally, awareness-raising activities continue in the Company. Lena Otomotiv, which delivers its waste to licensed organizations for disposal in accordance with laws and regulations, completed the construction of a hazardous waste storage facility in 2017. TL 10,708.40 was paid in total to recycle or dispose of hazardous wastes in 2017.


Lena Otomotiv employees received safe and economic driving training as part of Doğuş Otomotiv’s Traffic is Life! Platform. The Company aims to provide a healthy work environment for its employees and improve their workspaces in line with its development strategy. Occupational health and occupational health trainings are provided by professional specialists. An info meeting was held to raise awareness of mass diseases as part of joint activities with Provincial Health Directorate and Occupational Health and Safety specialists.


Lena Otomotiv conducts surveys to measure and evaluate employee satisfaction. Using the suggestion system in the Company is encouraged regularly and suggestions are evaluated systematically. As part of the training management system, training needs of employees are analyzed and orientation training, professional training, OHS training and personal development training are provided. Lena Otomotiv regularly contributes in cash and in kind to Hacı Celal OTO and Hacı Leman OTO elementary schools built in the name of the Company’s elders. Furthermore, the Company offers support to the Social Services and Child Protection Agency, and the Aydın Youth and Sports Club. Aydın Mimar Sinan Industrial Vocational High School and the Apprenticeship Training Center are supported with parts and training tools for educational purposes with the approval of Doğuş Otomotiv. The Company employees voluntarily donate blood to Kızılay Blood Center each quarter.



Number of Employees: 77

Operational Territory: Edirne Merkez, Keşan

Total Area of Operations: 900 m2



At Mercan Otomotiv, companies that are recognized or come with a reference are evaluated with priority in supplier and in addition quality products and services, companies are also questioned for their compliance with occupational safety and legal regulations. Quality, health and safety certifications are requested from suppliers. Furthermore, compliance with Doğuş Otomotiv business ethics principles takes precedence.


Mercan Otomotiv carried out various activities to raise awareness and provide information throughout the year and also made investments such as installing lighting fixtures and faucets with motion sensors, switching to smart meters in natural gas system and energy saving server to reduce energy and water consumption.


In accordance with the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning regulation, Mercan Otomotiv stores all hazardous wastes in line with disposal regulations and carries out regular disposal through a licensed company. In 2017, 3,320 kg of waste paper, 980 kg of oil filter waste, 906 kg of lead battery waste and 13,522 kg of used engine and gearbox lubricants were recycled.


To measure the satisfaction levels of employees, Mercan Otomotiv regularly conducts surveys every six months, and the necessary corrective actions are taken together with the human resources department. Employees are provided with the opportunity to develop by identifying their individual training needs. Employees taking distance learning exams are granted paid leave within working hours.


Mercan Otomotiv, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, offers the students of Vocational High Schools internship opportunities three days a week with paid insurance.


Mercan Otomotiv also invested in the landscape design of the 112 emergency medical service buildings in Keşan and Enez in Çanakkale province. During the year, the Company donated approximately TL 10,000 to associations and institutions such as Edirne Technical Industrial Vocational High School Aid Association, Edirne Turkish Music Association and Turkish Kosovo Student Solidarity Association.



Number of Employees: 51

Operational Territory: İzmir

Total Area of Operations: 3,750 m2



MBU Yapı Otomotiv San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. was established in 1991 in Izmir. In 1993, MBU started working with Doğuş Otomotiv as authorized dealer of SAAB, General Motors and Opel brands. The Company has been providing sales, aftersales and original spare parts services of SEAT since 1997, DOD (Doğuş Oto) and vdf (Volkswagen Doğuş Finans) services since 2000 and MBU Insurance Brokerage Services since 1991 in ISO 9001 standards with a large team of customer-focused and experienced employees.


MBU also considers environmental and human rights and employee rights practices and structures within the scope of supplier selection and evaluation criteria. Furthermore, compliance with health and safety legislation and holding ISO and TSI, etc. certification are taken into account in evaluating suppliers. Additionally, suppliers are also expected to comply with waste management regulations for waste disposal. Suppliers are also checked in terms of whether they work with companies licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning for waste disposal and for the suitability of waste storage sites. Suppliers are further investigated for regular training of employees regarding waste management and occupational health and safety. It is important for suppliers to ensure employee satisfaction in order for MBU to consider them.


MBU Otomotiv has replaced all light bulbs with LED luminaires starting in 2015 to achieve energy savings. Since 2017, servers have been virtualized to save significant amount of energy. The goal for 2018 is to hand information signs in work areas to reduce water consumption.


At MBU, the filters in the paint oven shaft are replaced regularly and necessary measures are taken to minimize the carbon dioxide released into the environment. In 2017, an agreement was reached with a fuel supplier, which uses a special 4th generation additive that produces lower emission when burned, and all Company vehicles started to buy fuel from that company's stations.


The replaced parts of all vehicles that come to MBU aftersales service for maintenance and repairs are delivered to companies licensed by Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning for disposal after the owner’s approval is obtained. The National Waste Transportation Form is filled with specific information about the waste such as type, quantity and weight, etc., and wastes are delivered to the licensed company.

Paper, cardboard and packaging wastes are delivered to Kaya Varger, a company licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and on contract with Gaziemir Municipality, for recycling. The amount of waste paper (paper, cardboard, packaging) sent to recycling 2017 was 1,755 kg. MBU houses a wastewater treatment plant that treats and pumps the water used in the workshops and in car wash to the duct system of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Lubricant waste is delivered to the contracted organization (PetDer) while battery waste is regularly collected and sent to Aküder for recycling. The amount of battery waste delivered to Aküder in 2017 was 1,139 kg.


Safe and economic driving trainings are regularly provided for MBU employees twice a year for two hours. There is an open suggestion system in the Company available to employees at all times. All employees are given occupational safety training every six months and fire training once a year. In addition to the trainings, employees are also regularly screened by a physician. All employees are offered regular blood work ups.


The Company carries out activities for the development of employees. Meanwhile two workshop employees enrolled in high school, with registration fees covered by the Company. Employees are allowed leave to study during exam periods or to take the exams. Two white-collar employees were encouraged to complete their remaining university education and one graduated in 2017.


MBU donated TL 5,000 to KİTVAK (Foundation for the Establishment and Development of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Oncology Center) in support of the ongoing construction of the additional wing.



Aldo Grup

Number of Employees: 116

Operational Territory: Mersin: Mezitli, Tarsus

Total Area of Operations: 6,000 m2



Opat takes into account environmental, human rights and employee rights practices of companies in supply chain management and how they are structured in these aspects. In order to achieve an efficient and peaceful work environment, the Company expects its employees to act in accordance with the internal regulations, procedures, principles and guidelines and the provisions of the legislation to create a disciplined business environment.


In the ‘Working Rules and Managers’ Responsibilities’ section under the main heading Discipline Actions in the Human Resources Manual of Aldo Group, the parent company of Opat Otomotiv, rules and principles clearly state the all diversities including religion, race, health, physical ability, gender, and marital status, etc. should be respected and mobbing and harassment of employees is strictly forbidden.


Solar panels have been placed on the roof of Opat Otomotiv, which has been investing in energy efficiency activities for many years. When this investment is completed, it is anticipated to generate 265 kWh of electricity from solar energy annually. The Company separates its wastes in accordance with laws and regulations and delivers them regularly to licensed firms.


Employees have the opportunity to drop their children after school hours at the playroom within the Company under the supervision of a nursery assistant and to pick them up at the end of office hours. Employees are supported to attend trainings of their choosing or professional development trainings while those who want to complete their high school or university education are encouraged.


Opat Otomotiv employs an occupational safety specialist and a workplace physician. All work related to occupational health and safety is carried out in compliance with the laws and regulations. Additionally, a dietitian who visits the Company every week creates a special diet list for people with weight problems and supports employees to develop healthy nutrition habits. Currently, 72 employees benefit from this service.


Opat Otomotiv conducts periodic surveys to measure the satisfaction of its employees. The areas that need improvement according to the results are discussed with the management and measure are implemented in accordance with the action plan.


Opat Otomotiv donated TL 10,000 to Lösev and Kızılay in 2017. Financial aid is extended to those in need through local associations in Mersin. Opat Otomotiv sponsors all activities of the Mersin Sailing Yachting and Water Sports Club, where athletes with disabilities also train and compete. In addition support in cash, other needs of the club are also met when necessary, and the entire company participates in all the events. The Company grants 24 university students TL 150 per month as regular scholarships.



Number of Employees: 205

Operational Territory: İstanbul , Samsun

Total Area of Operations: 18,000 m2



Özön Otomotiv, operating with its head office in Istanbul and a branch in Samsun is an Özön Group company. In line with the mission of Özön Group, company operates to provide unconditional customer satisfaction, follow the development of its employees and improve their satisfaction, support the environmental policies and protect Turkey’s social and cultural heritage and values without sacrificing customer-oriented approach and service quality.


At Özön Otomotiv, the building is heated and cooled by a geothermal system to benefit from renewable energy sources. With this investment aimed to reduce electricity consumption, groundwater is heated in the winter or cooled in the summer months with the help of heat exchangers and then fed into the air conditioning systems of the building.


Özön manages waste in compliance with the laws and regulations, recording all the wastes delivered to the licensed organizations. Aiming to instill the same time environmental awareness that the Company shows while managing their processes in the employees, Özön provides information increase their awareness.


The health and safety of employees is among the priorities of Özön Otomotiv. Employees of the Company, which has an Occupational Health and Safety Committee, regularly receive relevant trainings. There is also a suggestion system that allows the employees to communicate their suggestions and complaints to the management. Özön Otomotiv evaluates these suggestions from time to time and implements viable ones.


Training and development of employees is also prioritized at Özön Otomotiv. In addition to Doğuş Otomotiv’s professional trainings, Doğuş Otomotiv Drive Academy also offers various online training opportunities on a number of topics. In 2017, employees who did not hold Professional Qualification Certification were offered training opportunities and supported to earn their certificates.


In 2017, Özön Otomotiv helped some students in need at a certain school in the region within the scope of social responsibility by providing TL 2,000 worth of clothes.



Number of Employees: 132

Operational Territory: İstanbul: Yenikapı, Nişantaşı, Topkapı

Total Area of Operations: 12.000 m2



Şenyıldız Otomotiv carries out its activities in accordance with the laws and regulations and in line with quality standards, diligently meeting all requirements of Doğuş Otomotiv regarding OEM standards.


Şenyıldız Otomotiv has a new smart facility application. In this context, double doors in conformity with the standards are installed for heat insulation while the workshops also have curtains at the entrance. The new facility features automatic lighting fixtures with motion sensors. The faucets used at the facility also have motion sensors to reduce water consumption. Work involving the collection, treatment and reuse of rainwater is ongoing.


At Şenyıldız, all lubricant waste, contaminated wastes, battery waste, scrap metal, plastics, tires and paper waste are disposed of according to applicable regulations and delivered to licensed companies or municipalities for recycling. With the adoption of the e-invoice system, paper consumption has been significantly reduced.


In cooperation with the Tema Foundation, 1,000 trees were planted in 2017. The environmental investments, including the new facility, of Şenyıldız Otomotiv in 2017 amounted to approximately TL 1,100,000 (treatment system, smart building applications, energy saving luminaires, etc.).


An employee satisfaction survey is conducted every other year at Şenyıldız Otomotiv. White-collar employees respond to the survey online while blue-collar employees fill out the printed survey forms. Following the survey, management meetings are held to determine the actions to take and the decisions are announced to all employees. Şenyıldız has established an employee suggestion system to obtain innovative suggestions that would enhance the efficiency of employees or contribute positively to the Company’s performance. The suggestions submitted through the system through the year are evaluated by a committee consisting of department managers and the ones deemed viable are implemented.


Employees of Şenyıldız Otomotiv are provided various trainings to improve their skills. Depending on the positions of the workshop employees, they are encouraged to earn master craftsman or proficiency certificates. Employees studying for graduate degrees are offered paid leave in line with training programs. Long-term interns can be hired upon graduation (On-the-Job Training Program in cooperation with İŞKUR).


Şenyıldız Otomotiv's approach to community engagement is based on the goal of supporting an easier and better life for employees as well as the community in which we live. This approach is supported with practices such as employing people with disabilities as employees and interns, positive discrimination of women in recruitment and training interns with disabilities in a manner to be fully employed after graduation.


The following activities were carried out in 2017 with the aim of ensuring the development of the region, supporting the local community and contributing to society:


  • TL 40,000 donated for the pavement works in front of Audi Plaza on the Topkapı Litros Road.
  • “There is a Child Inside” project developed for the children of the women serving time in Bakırköy Prison was supported. For this purpose, stickers were made and given out to customers to raise awareness. TL 6,500 was donated to the project.
  • TL 2,500 was donated to UNICEF to support the organization’s education project on behalf of the employees, who received special certificates in their own names.
  • 1,000 trees were planted in Urla, İzmir in cooperation with the Tema Foundation on behalf of the customers, creating a contribution of TL 5,000 for the foundation. Tree planting certificates were delivered to respective customer with the aim of raising awareness.
  • Annual education expenses of five elementary school students are covered by the Company.
  • Special access paths have been created to facilitate the entrance and exit of customers with disabilities to and from the service area.



Number of Employees: 191

Operational Territory: İstanbul: Topkapı, Bakırköy

Total Area of Operations: 21,752 m²



Meeting all quality standards of Doğuş Otomotiv and the OEM, Tamaş has collaborated with BASF to increase the work quality in the paint and bodywork workshop. Upon completion of the Glasurit Bodyshop Audit Pro quality audit conducted by BASF’s automotive paint brand Glasurit, Tamaş has been certified. With this certification, Tamaş has become the only authorized dealer to be certified for its quality for all brands in Turkey. The Savings, Social Responsibility and Ethics, Training, Marketing and Efficiency working groups were formed with the aim of improving the quality standards and efficiency at Tamaş. In selecting suppliers, Tamaş prioritizes environmentally conscious companies that take necessary occupational health and safety measures and hold legal certifications.


An efficiency working group was formed within the Company to work on increasing energy efficiency and reducing consumption. With the renovation works, Tamaş implemented the DALI automation system, which provides both savings and effective lighting control. Daylight sensitive luminaires adjust the light intensity according to ambient lighting. Water consumption was reduced by fitting faucets with motion sensors and filters in the renovated lavatories.


Tamaş Otomotiv delivers old computers to a licensed recycling company. Idle tablets are adapted for office users and continue to be used. Instead of constantly updating computers due to ever advancing technologies, a Terminal Server structure was installed, both saving energy and ensuring information security through a more easily managed central system. Tamaş also manages waste in compliance with laws and regulations and delivers waste to licensed organizations for recycling or disposal.


Tamaş carries out environmental awareness-raising activities across the entire stakeholder sphere, from employees to customers. Considering the needs of the customers, vehicles with gasoline engines are recommended with the information that they pollute the environment less. Models featuring the ACT engine technology, which operates two of the cylinders at low speeds and rpm, are first suggested for customers. Similarly, test drives of vehicles with smaller engines are encouraged.


At Tamaş Otomotiv, occupational health and safety committees convene every two months with employee representatives and other department heads. In 2017, employees received 210 man/hours of occupational safety training and 70 man/hours of hygiene training.


Tamaş Otomotiv launched the intranet system to facilitate the employees’ communication with the management and among themselves. With the corporate intranet system, all employees have access to personal employment records, internal applications, performance appraisal results, internal company documents and announcements. They can also send update requests to the human resources department via the intranet.


Tamaş employees who were not able to complete high school education in are supported with paid leave during the exam periods. Employees, which are studying for higher degrees in universities (college, undergraduate or Master’s), are allowed to leave work at 5.00 pm to attend classes.


In 2017, Tamaş Otomotiv donated sports supplies for the Girls Volleyball Team of the Hacıahmetli Muazzez-İsmail Çam Middle School in Arsuz, Hatay.



Number of Employees: 134

Operational Territory: İstanbul

Total Area of Operations: 11,000 m2



At Uzay Oto, ISO 9001 Quality Standard and Procedures are performed. All process procedures within the two core fields of operation have been defined. The QSP (Quality Service Portal) and RASE (Retail After Sales Excellence) projects are applied in the sales and aftersales departments.


In supplier selection, Uzay Oto considers criteria such as service continuity and quality, business ethics, communication skills and competitive pricing and also expects the suppliers to fulfill their tax, etc. obligations. Doğuş Otomotiv supplier selection criteria and operating principles are also taken into consideration.


Timer switches and LED luminaires are used at Uzay Oto to save energy in lighting systems. The Company is in the process of upgrading faucets with motion sensors for water savings. The Company also uses pulverization-based systems that slow water flow to reduce water consumption in car washes.


The IT Department delivers unusable technological devices to organizations accredited by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning for recycling. Wastepaper, non-hazardous wastes, electronic wastes and kitchen oils generated within the Company are delivered to the accredited organizations. Uzay Oto also provides trainings on topics such as reducing waste, protecting and cleaning the environment to raise the environmental awareness of employees.


In sales processes, facts such as how Blue Motion technologies provide lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions despite high engine power and performance and how the Start/Stop systems reduce CO2 emissions are emphasized. The ‘think before you print’ statements are included in email signatures and price quotations presented to the customers for awareness purposes.


Uzay Auto provides employees with opportunities that improve loyalty and satisfaction, such as the private pension system, complementary private health insurance and education support. Employees and their families are also offered complementary private health insurance depending on their seniority.


Occupational health and safety training is provided for every new employee. All employees receive 8 hours of training from the time they start. Training topics include: labor legislation, employee rights and obligations, workplace cleanliness, legal consequences of work incidents and occupational diseases, fire fighting and prevention and reasons of work accidents, and prevention principles and implementation techniques.


Uzay Oto regards employee development trainings as a natural right and provides the necessary support. In 2017, 11 employees of the sales department received a total of 360 hours of professional training.


As an organization that respects human and employee rights and employs people from diverse cultures and religious beliefs, Uzay Auto carries on its activities with the principle of equal rights for equal work under all conditions. Uzay Oto also declares its support of United Nations Global Compact of which Doğuş Otomotiv is a signatory.



Number of Employees: 186

Operational Territory: Urfa

Total Area of Operations: 62,000 m2



VİMSA Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. joined the Doğuş Otomotiv network in 2010 as a Volkswagen Authorized Dealer, SEAT Authorized Aftersales Service and DOD Authorized reseller. Vimsa opened its Volkswagen Authorized Dealer and Aftersales Service Center in Adıyaman in 2013. Vimsa increased its automotive investments and opened a 62,000 m2 facility in Şanlıurfa as the Audi-SEAT-Volkswagen Authorized Dealer and Aftersales Service and DOD Authorized Reseller in 2017.


Vimsa Otomotiv complies with and implements all brand standards of Doğuş Otomotiv through internal control mechanisms and manages wastes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Vimsa gives sales representatives weekly product representations in Q&A format to increase customer satisfaction and provide complete information. The goal of this system is to make accurate needs analysis and encourage sales representatives to ask maximum number of questions.


Vimsa observes occupational health and safety laws and regulations and ensures that employees are provided with relevant training, following the issue regularly. In addition to the professional trainings provided through the year, employees who aspire to graduate from Industrial Vocational High School are supported and offered paid leave to take the exams.


Vimsa applies a management system in line with the equal rights for equal work principle.


Vimsa Otomotiv also grants educational scholarships for students. In 2017, the Company received scholarship applications from nearly 100 university students. After considering the applicants’ merit and financial status, 66 students were awarded scholarships. In 2017, each student was supported with TL 100 per month for a 9-month period, with total scholarship support amounting to TL 59,400.



Number of Employees: 510

Operational Territory: İzmir: Alsancak, Gaziemir

Total Area of Operations: 56,720 m2



Vosmer regularly monitors the needs of the region where it operates and fulfills its responsibilities for the welfare of its neighbors. In 2017, the Company completed the asphalting work of its street in Bornova, Izmir and contributed TL 542,089.68 of resources for this infrastructure investment.


Vosmer takes Doğuş Otomotiv's corporate sustainability activities as reference for its own. The visits and trainings by Doğuş Otomotiv representatives and consultants, respectively, give Vosmer the opportunity to learn and apply them within the Company. Aiming to reduce its environmental impact and minimize energy consumption, the Company started using LED bulbs in all its facilities. Motion sensors have been installed in common areas and all faucets have been upgraded with motion sensors as well.


At Vosmer, which manages wastes in accordance with laws and regulations, wastewater is treated and discharged by the wastewater treatment plant. The Company also declares that it strives to reduce its negative impact on the environment by planting trees every year. Accordingly, donation is made regularly to the Aegean Forest Foundation.


Vosmer employees are provided with all the rights they need beyond those granted by laws and regulations, and employee satisfaction surveys are conducted every other year to measure their satisfaction.


Vosmer promotes the equal rights principle and applies the equal rights for equal work policy. Vosmer respects human rights at every stage of its operations, considers employee suggestions and implements the ones that benefit the processes most.

2017 Sustainability Performance of Authorized Dealers and After-sales Service Centers

2016 Sustainability Performance of Authorized Dealers and After-sales Service Centers

2015 Sustainability Performance of Authorized Dealers and After-sales Service Centers