Sustainability Strategies and Policies

Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Doğuş Otomotiv will continue to be an exemplary corporate citizen producing preeminently sustainable and innovative solutions for social and ecological stakeholders.

Our Corporate Responsibility strategy is to become an indispensible business partner for our stakeholders by focusing on continuous growth in the automobile value chain, and delivering outstanding performance with complete, timely and accurate service. We evaluate, monitor and manage our performance according to stated priorities, determined in line with our policies.

As Doğuş Otomotiv, we defined our understanding of Corporate Responsibility taking into consideration the requirements of global standards, our priorities directly related with our operational area, and the expectations of our stakeholders.

Corporate Responsibility is the method which we use while defining the solutions we develop for the social, economic and environmental problems of our sector, and our corporate behavioral pattern covering all our operations.

Economic Responsibility Policy

We comply with the following policies in order to sustain the economic well-being of Doğuş Otomotiv and all our stakeholders:

  • We use our resources effectively by applying systems like lean management, budget management, and efficiency cards.
  • We regard economic fluctuations and the corresponding causes as sectoral risk, and make the required agreements with OEMs within the framework of budget and risk management to manage (to minimize) those risks, take financial measures and update them according to market conditions.
  • We regard climate change and the corresponding causes as sectoral risk, and aim to raise awareness among our stakeholders on this issue.
  • We determine, assess, make the required contribution for development and audit standards to ensure the sustainability of our Authorized Dealers and Service Centers.
  • We provide maximum contribution to local employment in our areas of operation through our Authorized Dealers and Service Centers.
  • We provide equal opportunities for all of our suppliers.
  • We embrace and abide by the global standards and policies which OEMs, one of our most important suppliers, implemented. We prepare an action plan with respect to the conditions considering the current global state of OEMs.
Focus Area (Economic Responsibility) Goal Method
Financial Efficiency Effective use of resources Lean Management, Budget Management, Score Cards
Economic Fluctuation Proper budget and risk management Managing Risks, Taking Financial Measures
OEM Proper and timely dialogue, high standards Taking Precautions According to Conditions, Improving OEM Standards
Suppliers Equal opportunuties and CSR awareness Dialogue and Disclosure
Dialogue with Stakeholders Continuous progress in transparency and accountability Stakeholder Engagement and Expectation Analyses
Climate Change Awareness among stakeholders Regarding as Sectoral Risk, and Awareness Raising/Assessment, Evaluation

Environmental Policy

Doğuş Otomotiv’s environmental policy is defined under five main headings: water, waste, energy, logistics, and environmentally friendly products.

Doğuş Otomotiv,

  • Considers environmental effects while giving managerial and operational decisions, examines the direct and indirect environmental effects derived from its operations, and is committed to reducing those effects;
  • Beyond the requirements of the law, feels responsibility for society about environmental protection and use of resources;
  • Works at motivating employees, employee families, and business partners to gain the same level of environmental consciousness;
  • Targets to install the required systems to measure, monitor and refine the environmental effects;
  • Cooperates within the value chain and provides awareness for better recognition, understanding, and sales of high-standard, environmentally friendly products of brands distributed.
Focus Area (Environmental Responsibility) Goal Method
Water Reducing the water used in all operations Awareness, Measuring, Monitoring Mechanisms, Targeting
Waste Waste Management, Awareness of Authorized Dealers and Customers Waste Line, Waste Recyling Boxes, Plot Study, Measuring, Monitoring, Targeting, Job Descriptions
Energy Establishment of energy consumption monitoring mechanisms, Awareness Measuring, Monitoring, Targeting, Thermal isolation and Efficient Use of Daylight, Stable Temperatures, Employee Compliance, CDP Reporting
Logistics Reducing environmental effects, considering environmental effects in planning Awareness, Measuring, Monitoring, Targeting, Environmentally Friendly Vehicles, Training, Advanced Technology
Environmentally Friendly Products Support for the introduction and a better understanding of the products Disclosure, Dialogue Platforms


  • Water is an indispensable source of life to Doğuş Otomotiv.
  • Doğuş Otomotiv implements mechanisms to measure and monitor water use, and plans the required processes.
  • Doğuş Otomotiv sets goals to reduce water use and creates awareness among stakeholders.


  • Doğuş Otomotiv implements mechanisms to measure and monitor waste utilization, and plans the required processes.
  • Waste management and waste utilization are not only a corporate responsibility, but also the responsibility of the Doğuş Otomotiv employees individually.
  • Doğuş Otomotiv generates in-house awareness on the environmental impact of waste.
  • It applies the Waste Line system to consult Authorized Dealers and Service Centers about waste.
  • It adopts an action plan to embed waste-related responsibility matter into job descriptions.


  • Doğuş Otomotiv creates corporate awareness and consciousness on reducing energy consumption.
  • It implements mechanisms to measure and monitor energy use, and plans the required processes.
  • It develops suggestion mechanisms about heat isolation and efficient use of daylight.
  • It sets constant temperatures in the work areas and standards in regard to regional adaptation of the employees.


  • It leads transportation and logistics processes via environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • It carries out strategic logistics and efficiency plans.
  • It provides route optimization, using advanced technologies.

Employees and Decent Work Policy

Doğuş Otomotiv;

  • Uses measurable recruitment tools to be transparent and traceable at recruitment processes; recruits employees of appropriate competency in accordance to the job description, making an assessment together with the related department manager.
  • Human Resources policy aims to increase loyalty and ensure sustainable efficiency of its human resources. Therefore stakeholder-materiality analysis, employee satisfaction and loyalty surveys are conducted and improvement programs are carried out according to the results.
  • Targets zero accidents, takes lessons from experience and improves processes; applies programs required to make the consequences of the accidents traceable and accountable.
  • Attributes importance to the enhancement of employee awareness in public health and safety; thus organizes informative seminars to increase consciousness and awareness. These studies are brought to life in a systematic and planned way.
  • Applies programs and determines goals to increase the life quality and social wellbeing of employees, and to make the working environment more efficient.
  • Keeps transparency in the forefront at all processes of the employee applications; follows the legal processes regarding discrimination and monitors the data.
  • Gives attention to dialog with the employees, questions their expectations regularly and applies open door policy.
  • Specifies key performance indicators to acquire Best Company to Work For, The Best Employer goals on local and international platforms..
Focus Area (Social Responsibility) Employees and Decent Work Goal Method
Employee Satisfaction To be the best company to work for, to keep the employee turnover at minimum Expectation Analysis, Surveys, Open Door Meetings, Continuous and Transparent Dialogue, Mother and Baby Policies, KPI
Employee Health and Safety Zero accidents and maximum information disclosure Training, Monitoring and Self-Audit Mechanism, Seminars Related to Mass Diseases
Sustainable Employment Employee satisfaction and loyalty, contribution to local employment Dialogue with Employees, Right Performance Management, Improvement Program According to the Survey Results
Equal Rights Transparency in all processess, data monitoring mechanisms, taking opinion Surveys, Evaluation Mechanisms, Information Disclosure, Dialogue
Dialogue with Employees Open and transparent communication, direct dialogue platforms with senior management Open Door Meetings, Suggestion Systems, Surveys
Climate Change Awareness among stakeholders Regarding as Sectoral Risk, and Awareness Raising/Assessment, Evaluation

Doğuş Otomotiv Human Rights Policy

Doğuş Otomotiv,

  • Doğuş Otomotiv bases its commitments regarding Human Rights on the United Nations Global Compact which was signed already and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Human rights are also an integral part of Doğuş Otomotiv Ethical Principles and all of the employees and business partners are expected to comply with these principles and Doğuş Otomotiv Human Rights policy.
  • Doğuş Otomotiv obeys national and international laws and regulations related with human rights, and expects that business partners do as well.
  • Doğuş Otomotiv safeguards the rights of the people living in the regions where it operates and takes precautions against violation of rights and manages the related risks.

Product and Service Responsibility Policy

  • Doğuş Otomotiv tracks the social and environmental impacts stemming from its products and services, and is aware of the responsibility towards all of the social stakeholders and ecological environment.
  • Doğuş Otomotiv adopts and implements the following policy within the framework.
  • Manages audits and continuously improves the procedures relating to customer health and safety.
  • Applies international standards for training and correctly informing stakeholders directly or indirectly affected by its products and services.
  • Focuses on choosing the right equipment, reasonable price, right launch, for Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Centers trainings and informing the customers correctly, to serve beyond expectations.
  • Consistently audits service standards, aims to reach the highest standards of customer satisfaction by taking special action concerning issues to be improved.
  • Embraces the principles of responsible communication, and seeks well beyond the laws and regulations to comply with OEM standards in accordance with the values and expectations of the brands represented.
Focus Area (Social Responsibility) Product and Service Goal Method
Customer Health and Safety International standards of service and a full, accurate and timely information disclosure Process Management, Audit and Control Mechanism, Disclosure, Dialogue, Training
Training and Disclosure Informing the stakeholders effected from our products and services, trainings in cases of need Dialogue Platforms, Safe and Economic Driving Techniques Trainings, Indicator Rooms, Being a Role Model
Customer Satisfaction Trust, loyalty, service beyond expectations Choosing the Right Equipment, Reasonable Price, Right Launch, Authorized Dealers and Service Centers Trainings, Informing the Customer
Responsible Marketing Responsible communication techniques, accordance with OEM expectations Responsible Approach Beyond The Laws and Regulations, Preliminary Evaluation and Follow-up of The Global Voluntary Codes

Community Engagement Policy

Doğuş Otomotiv;

  • Knows the importance of traffic safety and the value of human life. It is committed to providing the necessary services for the products and services to have high standards and maintain their properties during usage;
  • Presents a model for the importance of traffic safety, and responsible behavior through its employees;
  • Guarantees the high standards of its products in terms of customer health and safety;
  • Ensures maintenance and repair services with quality and high standards in order to preserve those standards of the products throughout their lifecycles;
  • Conducts and manages information and awareness activities regarding traffic safety with continuous dialogue and cooperation with the relevant institutions and organizations;
  • Maintains ethical principles that are lucid and accessible, supported by multiple participation, approved by senior management, and are among the main elements of our corporate governance principles;
  • Continues to work on the ethical principles to make them a comprehensive framework that covers all the processes;
  • Avoids unethical situations such as fraud and abuse, communicates the required information for employee awareness and undertaking responsibility in this regard; starts works to establish fraud and abuse prevention mechanisms, and sets goals thereto.
Focus Area (Social Responsibility) Community Engagement Goal Method
Traffic Safety Consciousness, awareness, cooperation, high standards in after sales services Indicator Rooms Application, Safe Driving Techniques Trainings, Doğuş Otomotiv Employees Being Role Models, Cooperation Platforms, 'Traffic is Life'
Business Ethics Establishment of the systems required to create understaning of ethics in global standards, prevention and audit mechanisms, transparency Doğuş Otomotiv Code of Ethics, In-house Awareness, Trainings, Ethics Line, Definition of the Processes
Training and Disclosure Public Awareness on Traffic Safety and After Sales Maintenance and Repair of the Vehicles, Increase Cooperation with Vocational High Schools All Activities Executed within the Context of 'Traffic is Life' Program
Cooperation and Dialogue Local and global cooperation and leadership at dialogue platforms and being role model about Traffic Safety Cooperation, Dialogue Platforms, Memberships, Support Programs, Trainings and Information Disclosures