Informing Customers Accurately




Volkswagen Passenger Cars finds and improves easily understandable and accessible methods to provide product and price information, and communicate with customers. Detailed information on the entire product range is presented in carefully prepared catalogues, and can also be viewed on the website or the Volkswagenim (MyVolkswagen) mobile app.

Price lists, available in Authorized Dealers and published online, are prepared with a generally accepted approach in the automotive industry, avoiding complexities as much as possible, and therefore presented in a structure that customers are familiar with.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars has easily located, accessible and usable channels for all feedback from customers. In addition to Value and Care Center (DİM) and info email channels, an online “Live Support” module, available on the website or the Volkswagenim mobile app, enables Volkswagen Passenger Cars customers to contact an authorized representative 24/7. This module makes it possible for the customers to establish direct contact with our trained and qualified customer relations staff, and to ask questions and obtain satisfactory response much more quickly and effectively.



Social media channels of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are actively and regularly used to inform customers on product and safety features, and driving techniques. All social media channels are monitored 24/7, and customer requests and demands replied instantly. Similarly, users who communicate their requests via website are immediately directed to the Authorized Dealer they have selected and the corresponding Authorized Dealer meets their requests.

Moreover, “Advanced Driving Pleasure” videos on our vehicle models have been created to share via social and digital channels. The aim with these videos is to explain the technological and electronic systems in our vehicles and accurately communicate product features to our customers, thus increasing the benefits of driving Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles models and subsequently enhancing customer satisfaction.

The “Smart Turkuaz Screen” used by the Volkswagen Authorized Dealers and After-sales Services is another system launched in 2016. This application aims to offer the most relevant services to the customers by analyzing the information they provide with their consent via online and offline channels. The Smart Turkuaz Screen uses specific algorithms in the background to compute multiple data, and present them to the sales or after-sales consultant in processed form, thus enhancing the quality of communication with the customer. Furthermore, displaying data on screen in visual format enables faster response to the customer, and reduces poor use of time in the showroom.

Images and videos shared on channels including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Google+ address benefits of products, and offer insights on technological products and how they function.




Contents of our products and services are shared with our customers on various channels, including press publications, product exhibitions and events, sponsorships, trade shows, our mobile website, social media channels, iPhone and iPad apps, email, SMS, MMS, and call center. The number of our social media channels has increased in 2013. The questions, suggestions and requests communicated by our customers and users via our social media channels are replied in the shortest time possible.

The surprises offered to our followers on social media in the previous years continued in 2016. Friends and followers of Audi who frequently post comments and suggestions, and have become brand ambassadors, were awarded for their loyalty with various gifts without having to enter competitions or doing anything in return.

The Audi Configurator mobile app, launched in 2014 in iOS and Android versions, continues to be available for our customers. The configurator helps customers to build their dream Audi with the features of their choice in a more practical way, not only on their PCs but also on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

The tri-annual Audi Magazine that features news, events, technological developments about Audi, as well as cultural and artistic content, and current affairs, is another information channel that we offer to our customers. Audi Magazine was previously published and distributed in print, and also served as a communication tool with an iPad app. In 2015, the format has been changed into a mobile app that can be downloaded to all kinds of mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems, while it can also be viewed on the corporate website

Product prices and contact information of our Authorized Dealers and After-sales Services are easily accessible on our website, and updated regularly. Information documents, placed in front of vehicles in showrooms, provide detailed information about the model, and include emission values in addition to technical specifications and equipment of the car.

Apart from all of these channels, we also maintain constant contact with our customers via emails. For instance, customers who have recently bought an Audi car are contacted via email with a “Welcome to Audi World” message, and provided with details about the channels they can use to reach in-depth information and news about Audi. After the sales process is completed, we continue to send emails and SMS messages to our customers to remind them of due dates for motor vehicle tax payments, traffic and car insurances, and vehicle inspections, etc. The customers also receive a quarterly After-sales News Bulletin and SMSs. All of these communications are aimed to help them stay on track about their vehicles.

In 2016, the Audi Boutique section of was redesigned and launched as, a new website selling a wide range of Audi lifestyle products such as accessories, textiles and leather goods, miniature models, and children’s world. The website serves all car enthusiasts who have adopted the Audi living culture, whether they own an Audi or not.



Porsche greatly values the importance of informing customers about products. Our customers can find all kinds of information about vehicles on Porsche’s Turkish website, where all current models are described in detail. The latest updates on car equipment and optional extras are also included. Furthermore, customers may try the model comparison application to see the differences among models and their features in detail. All kinds of information are available for customers in exclusively prepared Porsche brochures.

Porsche customers can obtain further information from professional sales teams serving in seven Porsche Showrooms across Turkey. With social media among the most popular communication tools, we as Porsche also reach our customers via our Facebook page where they can receive the latest news, post comments, and direct their questions to us.



We inform our customers about our products and services through print and broadcast media, product launches and events, trade fairs, website and mobile site, social media channels, emails, SMS and MMS messaging, and our call center. Suggestions, questions and complaints received from our customers are analyzed and replied quickly.

We have continued to provide informative content on our social media accounts in 2016. The process was handed over to the Value and Care Center in 2015, and responses to customers were handled in-house. In this way, response times, which averaged 2 hours in 2014, have been improved by an hour, decreasing to 1 hour in 2015, and customers have been served by more informed and qualified employees. In addition, we continued to post informative content on our YouTube channel in 2016 to provide details of vehicles in video format for our customers.

The “Seat Self Service” section has been added to the Service tab on our website. This section contains videos showing practical and detailed information such as how to check windshield wiper water and lubricant levels and tire pressure in SEAT vehicles.

Product prices, and information about our Authorized Dealers and After-sales Services are easily accessible on our website, and updated regularly. Information cards, placed in front of vehicles displayed in the showrooms provide detailed information about the model, including emission values, technical specifications and equipment. The car builder function available on the website was redesigned to provide faster and more accurate information to our customers. With this application, customers are offered an opportunity to build their dream SEAT with features of their choice.



Scania brand provides open, transparent and easy to understand pricing and product information. Informative e-mails and SMS messages about our products and services are sent to customers from the headquarter and authorized after-sales service centers, and alternatively customers are also contacted by phone. During delivery, features are explained to the customers and drivers, on the vehicle in a detailed manner. Applied safety and economic driving trainings are also provided to the customers on-site, if requested. In addition, our customers have the opportunity to access all kinds of detailed information on our website.

Scania Cost of Ownership project and Tablet Use in Authorized Dealers project were successfully implemented in 2014. These projects were launched with the purpose of creating a practical and handy resource for sales consultants to provide detailed information on the cost of total ownership for Scania customers, and to ensure the wide use of these resources by Sales Managers and Sales Representatives at Scania Authorized Dealers. The definition and scope of Operating Costs were identified as part of the project, while peer analysis and data collection procedures were completed. Xcelcius dashboard was identified as a medium, and trainings were conducted at all Authorized Dealers after dashboard interface was designed. Tablets were delivered to all Scania Authorized Sales Directors and Representatives.

The manufacturer’s automation system was integrated into the damage assessment phase, leading to more informed surveyors serving our customers and insurance agents.


Sales Representative Application

Another service introduced to ensure that Scania products and services are communicated to the customers in higher quality and a better way is the Sales Representative application. Launched in August 2016, the application is now used by the entire sales organization, and continues to be improved with the feedback received since then, becoming one of the many important services offered. The use of tablets and laptop computers makes it easier for our sales consultants to access information such as product range, technical information and service details in many cases, such as daily activities, customer visits and presentations. Detailed information, which the sales consultants constantly need, on sales, after-sales services, marketing and business development activities in the form of published price lists, announcements and campaigns are also included within the scope of the application. The newsletter and announcement functionality, used for the purpose of quickly communicating information on the ever-growing competitive environment, as well as news about the developing and changing technology to the sales organization, includes rich, up-to-date content such as images of our wide ranging products and informative videos that promote the products and services to the customers.




Vehicle expertise and pricing information are communicated at sales points, through and the DOD Mobile app. In the vehicle procurement process, the 101-Point Expertise is performed on each and every vehicle without exception. The 101-Point Expertise results are displayed transparently and in full detail on vehicle information cards on all vehicles in the inventory, and users are offered the opportunity to inspect the vehicles on digital platforms as well. Furthermore, the 101-Point Expertise report, which has legal sanctions, is shared with the customers in order to reassure them after the vehicle is sold. In the event of any vehicle-related problems that may arise after the sales transaction, first the 101-Point Expertise report delivered to the customer is examined, and if anything is found to be lacking in the report, necessary actions are taken to remedy the customer’s problem. The plan for 2017 is for the expertise reports presented to the customers to be drawn up in a simpler and clearer language with more details.

The “price drop alert” function available on digital channels allows customers to be instantly informed of price reductions in the models they are interested in.

DOD also publishes content related to the automotive industry on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus, aimed at DOD followers and users following the used vehicle market. With instant sales communication, particularly on Twitter, we attempted to form a separate vehicle buy/sell channel, and reached customers. We at DOD also follow the users of social media channels continually, and respond to purchase/sales requests and complaints by communicating directly through the same channels.

With the development of the Tramer System Turkuaz Integration, which started in 2016, the damage records of all vehicles in the DOD inventory will be automatically included in the survey reports. This project, planned for completion in the first quarter of 2017, will contribute positively to both business processes and customer satisfaction.