• Technologies easily understood by customers
  • Technologies with clearly measurable features such as fuel savings, and low CO2 emissions
  • Standard technologies such as TDI, TSI and DSG available on all models
  • Fuel savings of 6% on average with the Start/Stop system
  • TDI, the cleanest and quietest diesel technology

We as Volkswagen Passenger Cars hold at least two regular meetings each year with the OEM to address product, planning and communication issues. We also organize an annual one-to-one meeting with the OEM to discuss marketing strategies and plans, and hold two additional follow-up meetings to ensure their implementation. Meanwhile, Volkswagen marketing teams conduct two-day workshops three times a year where all countries exchange information.


In early 2010, Volkswagen Passenger Cars launched the VW SAT Sales Academy Turkey Project to establish a more knowledgeable and longer lasting team in line with “Mach 18” objectives. The consulting team that initially consisted of 188 people has now expanded to 410, with 175 consultants holding Volkswagen International Sales Diplomas, and 135 holding Volkswagen International Sales Certificates. The team’s turnover rate was 20% in 2016. We aim to decrease it to below 15% in 2017.


All of our sales consultants have completed 75 training modules in the e-Learning system. We have concluded our certification exam, and 9 more managers have received their certificates. Of the 63 Sales Managers, 48 are certified. In 2016, the amount of trainings totaled 2,960 man/hours.


Further trainings and announcements were made available online as taped or live streams to ensure faster information flow to the entire team. 39 videos were shared with the sales team in 12 broadcasts, and viewed over 8,500 times.


The following two projects have actively continued in digital environment in 2013.


1. Creating Customers and Ensuring Quick Response

With this project, customer data, obtained through a variety of advertising spaces or forms, are directly communicated to our authorized dealers via Turkuaz. This gives us a chance to increase customer satisfaction by responding much faster return to our customers on related issues. The system also provides an opportunity to identify the advertising space or form our customers are engaging with the most, which is also beneficial in terms of updating our media plans and managing our media budgets more effectively.


2. Behavioral Based Marketing

The system implemented on our website monitors all behaviors of our users from the moment they log in, and identifies the products they are interested in and inclined to purchase. Personalized offers have a positive impact on sales figures.

One of the main goals of the MACH 18 project including Volkswagen AG’s vision for 2018 has been defined as “leadership in customer satisfaction”. This vision also drives Dogˆus¸ Otomotiv’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our complaint and request lines are available to our customers 24/7, and complaints are resolved within three days, with first response within maximum 24 hours. Similarly, e-mails from customers are replied within maximum 24 hours. All complaints and requests are analyzed and assessed. We as Volkswagen see complaints as gifts from our customers to help us improve our business.


An app for instant online communication with customers was implemented in the second half of 2011. With the launch of this app, instant communication with customers has been made possible.



Premium Customer Program

The Premium Customer Program launched in 2013 continued to provide services to customers in 2014 and 2015. With this program, customers that have preferred Transporter and Caravelle models for years are offered several innovations to make their lives easier. Users that prefer these models for all occasions can book after-sales service appointments, obtain vehicle status reports, and learn of recommended vehicle prices through a dedicated phone line (0212 335 04 89). The dedicated call center reminds Premium users of their inspection or after-sales service dates, making their life easier. With the launch of the “Premium” program, each customer was provided a booklet including detailed information about the applications they can benefit from.

From the first day of application, our call center started to provide service with the great demand shown by our customers. Over the course of this period, all needs of customers were met with a total of 16 hours and 27 minutes of talks with 475 customers. With the improvements made in the database, sales and after-sales service officials get an alert when premium customers go to a different authorized dealer or after-sales service center than their regular provider, thus ensuring that they receive the same service anywhere in Turkey.


Adding Prospective Customer Calls to Assessment Criteria

In addition to measuring the satisfaction of customers that have purchased a vehicle, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also evaluates the service satisfaction levels of prospective customers that visit our Showrooms but leave without completing a purchase. By adding Prospective Customer Calls as a criterion to the bonus system for our sales team, the importance of such calls has been emphasized, improving the quality of service provided to prospective customers as a result. In terms of ensuring sustainable customer satisfaction, the satisfaction of prospective customers is as important to our brand as that of customers who have bought a vehicle.

In addition to measuring the quality of services provided for prospective customers, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has also been conducting Secret Customer Surveys since 2011 with the aim of improving service quality for all customers.

Quick Response to Online Customer Requests

Thanks to a system of communicating online customer requests instantly to sales teams who actively work at Authorized Dealers, customers searching for information about a vehicle or a test drive receive immediate response. This system also registers the customers in the Turkuaz database, and enables us to use these areas more effectively in media planning by assessing contact forms filled out by customers.


Behavioral Analysis on Corporate Website

The system implemented in the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles corporate website ( communicates special offers to customers by identifying the models they are interested in from the very first moment they enter the website. The aim of this approach is to enable easier interaction for the customers while providing better and more personalized services. If the customers ask to be contacted about a model they are interested in, they receive a phone call and get detailed information about that vehicle in the same day.


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Regional Sales Meetings, held annually, serve to obtain the opinions of participants about various topics including improvement of sales processes, quality management in sales, product and business development, and other sales related issues, and to decide on actions to be taken toward developing sales and quality management in sales. Ensuring the participation of sales teams in these meetings and in the decision making processes for improving service quality conveys the message that they are an important part of the brand.


Smart Turkuaz Screen

The “Smart Turkuaz Screen” used by the Volkswagen Authorized Dealers and After-sales Service Centers is another system launched in 2016. This application aims to offer the most relevant services to the customers by analyzing the information they provide willingly via online and offline channels. The Smart Turkuaz Screens use specific algorithms in the background to calculate multiple data, and present them to the sales or after-sales consultant in processed form. Thus, screens enhance the quality of communication with the customer. Furthermore, displaying data on screen in visual format enables quicker response to the customer, and reduces poor use of time in the showroom.


With these new screens, data is converted to analyses, which are interpreted and subsequently turned into decisions by sales or after-sales teams. The aim is to target adding more business intelligence to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle sales and service processes.



Our complaint and request lines are available to our customers 24/7, and complaints are resolved within three days on average, with first response within maximum 24 hours regardless of which channel is used to reach us.


The requests of our customers are monitored through the Information and Test Drive Request Forms incorporated to our website in late 2014. These requests used to be directed to Authorized Dealers by the Call Center until the end of 2014 whereas they are now directly communicated to the relevant Authorized Dealer with onscreen notifications since the beginning of 2015. This process has been beneficial in terms of responding faster to customer requests, which amounted to 978 information and test-drive requests in 2015.


The website (MyAudi) that has been active for many years to ensure ultimate satisfaction of Audi customers before and after sales was renewed in 2015, and re-launched with a new design. The website has offered online booking since its launch in 2008 as the first platform in the industry to feature such capabilities, and with the upgrade in 2015, it is now possible for the customers to choose the suitable appointment time for them. Previously, customer’s booking request used to be received by the authorized after-sales service in the form of an e-mail, followed by a phone call from the after-sales service consultant to confirm the exact appointment time whereas now the customer can choose the suitable date and time from the calendar available on the website. Other functions still available on include monitoring maintenance information, viewing billing information, and online payment, as well as viewing lists of partner physicians and insurance companies, authorized dealers and authorized after-sales service centers, downloading online brochures, and requesting test drives. All customers that book their appointments on also receive 10% extra discount in labor costs.


A new addition to Audi’s efforts toward customer satisfaction in 2015 was the launch of Audi Self Reception, a special kiosk designed for customers who demand their vehicles to be admitted more rapidly. With Avek Authorized After-sales Service Center as the first to implement the new application, Audi Self Reception will expand to other After-sales Service Centers that may be deemed suitable. The customers arriving at the Authorized After-sales Service Center use the kiosk and open their own job orders without the assistance of service consultants, and consequently get speedier service.


Sales Trainings at Authorized Dealers

A basic training program followed by certification is in place for Audi Sales Consultants and Sales Managers. In this basic training program, Sales Consultants are informed on Audi history and brand culture, Audi models, Audi technologies and the Sales Process, while managers receive information on managerial issues such as leadership, sales process management, and business management, etc. Basic training is followed by a written knowledge test and an exam with role-plays, and successful participants are rewarded with International Audi Sales Consultant or International Audi Sales Manager Certificates. In addition to basic training, product trainings are held at every product launch, and employees may participate in launch trainings provided at centers abroad. Knowledge level of the team is continually updated through in-class instructions as well as web-based trainings published on the Audi Training Portal.

Within the scope of Audi Sales Trainings, we have continued to provide Product Trainings, International Basic Audi Trainings, Audi Certification Trainings in 2016. Over the course of the year, 906 man/hours of training was provided in total 74 days. These trainings were aimed at sales consultants, representatives and managers.

As of 2016 year-end, 67% of our sales consultants and 62% of our sales managers hold International Audi Sales Consultant/Manager certificates, respectively.


After-sales Service Trainings

  • Technical Trainings: Specialist trainings are provided for workshop employees working at Authorized After-sales Service. Technical trainings are provided on basic, advanced and master levels, as defined by Audi AG. Occupational safety is always of the highest priority in our repair processes, as mentioned in repair manuals.


Knowing that technologies are as essential for training as they are for other areas of life, we have integrated an “interactive whiteboard system” to our classroom for more effective, seamless, and interactive learning experiences. This system helps us to create a highly interactive learning environment where the participants can keep focused. In addition to this new learning equipment, we also imported and started using the ‘MMI Demo Training Stand’, which makes delivering technology trainings much easier without in need of extra physical training tools.


Non-technical Trainings: Non-technical after-sales service trainings are held in Audi AG standards, and according to the needs of authorized after-sales service. These trainings are organized and offered for after-sales service managers, after-sales service consultants, customer consultants, parts managers, marketing coordinators, warranty specialists, and customer relations staff, and consist of minimum two or three modules, depending on scope, and end with an exam. This exam includes a test, identifying the knowledge level, and applied role-plays.


After-sales service consultants are provided with information on Audi history, Audi brand, products, basic automotive technology, Audi technologies, communication and negotiation techniques, processes, tires and lubricants. Trainings for after-sales service managers cover managerial topics such as planning, management, quality management, process management, employee and organizational management, meeting management and workshop KPIs.


Feedback from participants of trainings is evaluated, and those found to be beneficial for after-sales service processes are implemented.


In 2016, the non-technical trainings provided at S¸ekerpınar Training Center totaled 774 man/days.


Some of the developments in After-sales Trainings conducted in 2016:

• Customer relations and Workshop Supervisor trainings were delivered.


The following trainings and practices that were launched in previous years continued in 2016.

•          In order to obtain information through the online training portal, a technical topic was selected from Audi Service TV, the technical broadcast of Audi AG, every week, and communicated to authorized after-sales service employees, followed by an online test for the technicians at authorized after-sales services.

•          Aiming to improve employee motivation and to ensure that the notification screens in workshops are followed, some technical questions were directed, and the replies were received on the online training portal. In the prize draws among the employees that answered the questions correctly, winners were presented a variety of gifts including a dinner with family, an opportunity to drive an Audi for a weekend, and a touristic trip.

•          Interactive learning sections were added to courses to promote the use of computers and iPads in all classes.

•          By ensuring the participation of our regional people in training dinners we evaluate their feedback and seek solutions for their problems.

•          Training images are now shared with participants during non-technical trainings.

•          In order to encourage group work and interactive participation, leadership, creativity, communication and teamwork themed games are integrated into non-technical trainings.

•          Training qualifications can be reported by dealers on the online training portal.

•          After-sales service consultant trainings are now clearer with updated content and country adaptation.

•          With the participation of training department, onsite trainings are provided for authorized dealers that score low on customer satisfaction surveys and secret customer ratings.


Some of the significant improvements made in technical and non-technical trainings in 2014 in After-sales Services are as follows:

  • TT, A6 PI, A7 and Audi Fascination web-based trainings were enabled.
  • After-sales service consultants are required to successfully complete technical trainings and pass the exams defined on the training portal before they are accepted to pre-training test. Those who successfully pass the exam take the online pre-training test and participate in the training if they score 60 out of 100.
  • In line with feedback received from Parts Managers, Parts Employees Personal Development training was conducted.
  • iPads and applications were adapted to all trainings.
  • To organize training events, accommodation and transportation, an agreement was made with Antur, resulting in minimizing the complaints received from participants about the organization.
  • In order to obtain information through online training portal, a technical topic from Audi Service TV, the technical broadcast of Audi AG, was selected every week, and communicated to Authorized After-sales Service employees, followed by an online test for technicians of Authorized After-sales Services.
  • Certificates of employees who participated in the training and successfully passed the final test were made accessible through Audi Training Online (ATO).
  • In order to promote the use of computers and iPads in classes, interactive learning sections were added to trainings.
  • The number of ‘professional physician of your vehicle’ diagnostics technicians rose to 49 with the addition of 11 new diagnostics technicians.
  • The number of ‘professional mechanic of your vehicle’ after-sales service technicians rose to 42 with the addition of 13 new after-sales service technicians.


Ongoing practices since 2013 are as follows:

  • In order to encourage group work and interactive participation, leadership, creativity, communication and teamwork themed games are integrated into non-technical trainings.
  • Training qualifications can be reported by dealers through the online training portal.
  • The After-sales Service Consultant training program has become clearer with updated content and country adaptation.
  • By ensuring the participation of our regional people in training dinners we evaluate their feedback and seek solutions for their problems.
  • With the participation of training department, on-site trainings are provided for authorized dealers that score low on customer satisfaction surveys and secret customer ratings.
  • The contents of our training programs are reported to After-sales Service Managers following trainings.



As part of Porsche AG’s 2018 strategy, we aim at improving customer satisfaction by instilling the joy of Porsche, and offering a unique purchasing and ownership experience. Therefore we, as the representatives of the Porsche brand, strive to have a lasting impact by strengthening our brand image with unique services.

Superior Porsche Roadside Assistance offered to Porsche customers is available 24/7 for any engine failures, accidents, or thefts. Our customers also benefit from mobility services in every European countries quickly and exclusively.

Calls from our customers to the 24/7 Porsche Info complaint and request lines are answered through our Value and Care Center, launched in October 2014, and necessary actions are taken. Customers who contact us by phone or e-mail will receive an initial response within 24 hours at the latest.

Customer satisfaction survey is conducted regularly every month for our customers who have experienced sales and service, and satisfaction measurements are made. Within the results of Authorized Dealers and After- Sale Services basis, improvement areas are determined and improvement actions are taken.

On the other hand, the secret customer practice enables us to measure the quality of services provided to our customers by our Authorized Dealers and After-sales Service Centers in detail.



Information on customer comments is obtained from our Authorized Dealers, who are in direct contact with customers in their respective regions. In line with customer feedback, actions are taken to improve customer satisfaction.


Our complaint and request lines receive an average of 35 customer calls every day. The customers who communicate their complaints or requests from us are asked to evaluate the processes they have gone through. These data are then sent to the CRM department on a monthly basis by the brand’s Customer Relations. In turn, CRM department shares these data with DIM to include them in the survey program, and calls are initiated. The results are then shared with the manufacturer. Complaints are responded within less than 4 days on average, with first response within maximum 24 hours. Similarly, emails from customers are replied within maximum 24 hours. All complaints and requests are evaluated by analyzing.


To provide better service for SEAT after-sales service customers and to ensure a swift after-sales service appointment booking process, the SEAT Connect section has been built into the SEAT website. In addition to booking after-sales service appointments, SEAT Connect also offers customers options such as monitoring their periodic maintenance, viewing bills, and viewing partner insurance companies, etc. Furthermore, all customers that book their appointments via SEAT Connect receive 10% discount on labor costs.


SEAT Sales Training

The training content provided by SEAT SA is adapted to Turkish market, and then delivered. A 5-day basic training program and certification is available for SEAT sales consultants. This basic program designed for consultants includes topics such as SEAT’s history, brand values, SEAT cars, SEAT technologies, SEAT Sales Processes, CSS-CRM, VDF and Legal matters. At the end of the basic training process supported with role-plays, participants take a written test to earn the Sales Consultant certification.


In addition to basic training, product trainings are held for every product launch, and employees may participate in international/local, central/global launch trainings. Consultants have also received a 3-day experimental sales skills training as an extra module to develop their improvised sales skills. Meanwhile, managers receive information on managerial issues such as leadership management, time management, and planning, etc. Knowledge level of the team is continually updated through in-class instructions as well as web-based trainings published on the SEAT Training Portal.  As a difference from the consultants, the managers have been provided leadership communication training in 2 modules over a total of 4 days, to educate them on managerial issues such as team management, planning, performance management, leadership, situational leadership and persuasion skills. Marketing staff attended a 2-day training on the SEAT brand, its history, marketing tools, marketing plan, and agency processes. In order to keep up with the increasingly digitalizing world and ensure that the information provided in classroom training is permanent, we have launched our mobile application SEAT Live with the aim of maintaining faster and more frequent communication with authorized dealer sales staff. In addition to these trainings, the web-based trainings we publish on the SEAT Training Portal also help to continually refresh the team’s knowledge.


Meanwhile, managers receive information on managerial issues such as leadership management, time management, and planning, etc.


After-sales Services Trainings

  • Technical Trainings: Provided in SEAT S.A. standards to meet the needs of authorized after-sales services, technical trainings include a variety of courses such as Basic Technic, Basic Electronics, Petrol and Diesel Engines, AC and Heaters, Manual and Automatic Transmission, Safety and Comfort, and Diagnostics for Master Technician candidates.
  • Non-technical Trainings: Provided in SEAT S.A. standards to meet the needs of authorized after-sales services, non-technical trainings are held for After-sales Service Consultants, Customer Relations Representatives, Spare Parts Managers, and Warranty Officers. In addition to non-technical trainings, Customer Relations Representatives were also trained on technical topics in 2016 with the aim of improving their technical knowledge and skills.



CSI and Loyalty Survey

Our existing CSI – Customer Satisfaction survey and reporting system was renewed in November 2013 to improve customer satisfaction. The CSI and Loyalty surveys, completely brought up to international standards and organized by Scania Sweden, are conducted quarterly by independent research company GfK for sales and after-sales service customers, and duly reported. All Authorized Dealers and After-sales Services access and follow survey results, and contact customers to resolve their complaints.

Authorized Dealers

With advanced technologies, and high R&D investments and expenditures, Scania is a pioneer in developing technologies, and demonstrates its excellence in trainings, focusing on human capital as its most important investment. At Dogˆus¸ Otomotiv Scania we aim to maximize customer satisfaction at every service point with a variety of training programs. The knowledge and techniques required to become a manager with leadership capabilities are communicated to owners of Scania Authorized Dealers through ‘Committed Manager Trainings’. ‘Scania Sales Olympics’ on the other hand aims to ensure the development of sales staff. Until today, over 3,000 drivers have benefited from Driver Trainings, which aim to increase the profitability of customers while reducing costs.

Infrastructural and systematic improvements have been made to ensure the accuracy of productivity and efficiency measurements at Authorized After-sales Services, and results were accurately communicated.

It is a known fact that customer satisfaction and after-sales service profitability are closely associated with the quality of the work. Therefore, the competencies of technicians are measured with mapping studies conducted by the training department in after-sales services. Subsequently, an annual training plan is prepared, and technicians’ development is supported with up-to date information.

Training department has provided trainings for bodywork-paint technicians as one of the firsts in the heavy vehicle industry. Joint activities were also carried out with external suppliers in this context. In the first phase of these activities, the knowledge and competencies of technicians were measured to determine whether they would be able to perform repairs in the manufacturer’s standards, and the state of necessary equipment was assessed. These will continue until the quality standards are well established. Additionally, distance-learning opportunities are offered for technicians via the My Compass training portal, while employees to participate in the training are subjected to preliminary assessment to make sure that they have prior knowledge about the training.



We organize periodic campaigns to provide quality service for our customers at more affordable prices. “Old Friends” launched in 2013 for former Scania customers is still an ongoing campaign we offer in this context.


World’s No. 1 in Warranty Processes

In the global warranty process inspections that Scania conducts annually among its distributors, Scania Turkey became the champion of 2016 with the lowest error rates.


Service and Maintenance Reminder Project (Remindania)

The project conceived to remind Scania users via various communication channels about their vehicles’ service, maintenance, consumables and spare parts that will be changed – calculated dynamically by considering the data of more than 6,000 vehicles in Turkey with SESS (connected with satellite and mobile phone signals) such as frequency of use and road conditions where they operate – was launched and offered to Scania users in 2016.


SESS (Scania Integrated Driving Systems), which is at the forefront of Scania's initiatives, comes as standard on all vehicles manufactured since October 2014. Built on equipment that communicates via satellite and mobile phone signals, SESS is an integrated system that aims to provide analysis, simulation, tracking and inspection. Thanks to SESS communication device, a total of 85 parameters are retrieved from the vehicle. These parameters include important information on vehicle and environmental safety and health such as seat belt usage, operating conditions of equipment that affect safety, and fuel and emission information, which are all communicated to the users. The system includes interconnected services such as Smart Fleet Management, Effective Driving Training, Driver Coaching and SESS Laboratories. The main purpose of all these services is to provide a single solution content in an integrated package to the customers, thus helping them to take direct action based on the need.


As of 2016, approximately 245,000 vehicles in the world, and 6,000 in Turkey has SESS.


Scania Integrated Driving Systems, basically starting by tracking the vehicle’s location, retrieve reports via the portals that enable tracking the performance and driving conditions of all vehicles and drivers in a fleet. In this manner, the vehicle and fleet owners can easily monitor and manage parts of the operating costs under their control that originate from the driver and the vehicle. With the performance information of the vehicles and drivers they obtain from Smart Fleet Management, they can easily identify the drivers who need training and compensate the lack of performance needed with “Effective Driving Trainings”, another service of the SESS. After the driving trainings, “SESS - Driver Coaching”, which aims to prevent the driver from returning to old driving habits and to sustain the “safe and economical” driving characteristics acquired, ensures that Scania drivers will always use the vehicle features at the highest level, and drive economically and safely.


Another convenience that SESS offers to Scania customers is the SESS Room at the Scania - Doğuş Otomotiv Headquarters, and the mSESS (Mini SESS) Laboratories at selected Scania Authorized Dealers. The aim of this service is to raise awareness of the Scania Integrated Driving Systems and to ensure that the users of vehicles with SESS benefit from their features fully. Moreover, the mSESS Laboratory concept has been developed on the mobile platform “SESS On the Road”, providing services on location for Scania customers who benefit from SESS services.


Main goals of the services that SESS will offer to customers include:


• Instant failure notification and ease of service planning

• Remote vehicle access and heater control

• Instant vehicle tracking with detailed location information stored for up to 3 months

• Detailed driving and performance tracking of vehicles

• Route and zone tracking / alarm system on map

• Detailed psychoanalysis and performance reporting of drivers

• Analysis of driving efficiency for all drivers

• Instant safety tips to increase environmental awareness

• Instant driving tips to reduce emission levels

• Technical infrastructure and practical trainings for fuel-saving driving

• Increased vehicle life and efficiency

• Tracking fleet location across the world

• Optimal use of vehicle features through training

• Instant monitoring of fuel levels


Scania Integrated Driving Systems, since its introduction as standard, continue to operate seamlessly on all Scania vehicles and to offer tailor-made solutions for all owners of vehicles with SESS.

Furthermore, our After-sales Services Department issues voluntary recalls, which has been launched as a precaution to respond to any concern about the product that the user may have regarding production. With this practice, the related departments and customers are informed, and necessary safety measures are taken as quickly as possible.

mSESS (Mini SESS) Laboratories

Mini SESS laboratories are installed in authorized dealers, created to ensure that vehicle owners with Scania Integrated Drive Systems are informed about all the services of SESS and use their vehicles with the highest efficiency. First launched in April 2016, the mSESS laboratories currently serve in five Authorized Dealers.


Special Solutions for Public Institutions

Products and solutions are developed for municipalities and public institutions to improve the satisfaction with these institutions.

SESS Effective Driving Training

A computer-based training system connected to the vehicle was launched in 2016 with the aim of ensuring that Scania owners benefit the highest level of their vehicles, receive training according to their needs, and drive safely and economically. With the before/after training approach, focus on driver and customization opportunity according to specific job done, the training is the pioneer of its sector.

SESS Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching, as one of the most important services that Scania Integrated Driving Systems provide, involves follow up calls and a coaching process designed to prevent drivers who have received “Effective Driving Training” for safe and economical driving from returning to their old driving habits and to maintain the skills they have acquired.

SESS Driving Academy

SESS Driving Academy, as a pioneer in Turkey, offers even the most experienced Scania users an opportunity to improve their skills in just a few days. Provided in an organized structure by instructors, all experts in their fields, the trainings cover a range of topics from economic and safe driving to defensive driving, and teach how to use Scania’s features in the most effective way possible, with the end result of savings as an added benefit to the drivers’ companies and the environment.

Trainings at SESS Driving Academy aim for the Scania drivers to improve their driving skills by using the most advanced features of their vehicles for road and load safety and economy, and thus to minimize operational costs. These trainings provided in cooperation with a professional training company, have introduced an institutionalized approach to driver trainings as a first in the heavy commercial vehicles and logistics industry. During trainings, vehicle data is analyzed using an internet-based operating system as part of the Scania Integrated Driving Systems. Driving Trainings generate up to 10% savings in fuel consumption.

SESS Effective Driving Trainings may be held in Istanbul and other cities, and in a manner to include the customer’s own field. The training is a three-hour program while test-drives and practical trainings may last up to 8 hours a day.



Customer Relationships

In 2016, the importance given to customer relations has been increased and the termination period of customer contacts has been reduced from 19 days to 4 days by tightening contact follow up with the organizational change made.



The DOD mobile app has been launched on iOS and Android platforms to improve the quality of service provided to customers, and accessibility across all platforms. The customers, using the DOD mobile app, can see all available vehicles through their mobile phones, and unlike other used vehicle apps, they can access vehicle loan options and expertise information as well.


The used vehicles in the DOD inventory were photographed in 360 degrees at selected Authorized Resellers, and the images uploaded to DOD digital platforms, offering users an unprecedented experience of inspecting used vehicles, and creating a new phase in used vehicle sales. Along with this pioneering service in the used vehicle market in Turkey, the user experience on digital platforms has been enhanced by offering them a chance to inspect the vehicle’s interior in detail without actually being in it. The DOD 360 project, first launched in pilot locations, will include all DOD Authorized Resellers within the first quarter of 2017, and all vehicles in the DOD inventory will be photographed 360 degrees.


DOD has been maintained its active and visionary approach on social media, and the use of digital channels has increased in national and local communication of the brand.


Authorized Resellers

The DOD Authorized Reseller concept, renewed in accordance with customer needs and new trends, was introduced at new sales points opened in 2016. Along with the new locations to open in 2017, the plan is to make improvements in line with the DOD corporate identity in some of the existing sales points to serve the customers with the same quality and standards.


As a result of the DOD Warranty Trainings delivered on site at authorized resellers, DOD Warranty penetration level has reached to 8%. The penetration rate targeted for 2017 is 10% in the warranty service, which enables customers to feel more confident in the used vehicle buying process, and is an essential feature of the used vehicle selling organizations.