Public Disclosure and Transparency


Doğuş Otomotiv, in line with public disclosure and transparency criteria, aims to ensure necessary information to flow in a timely, accurate, full, unambiguous, analyzable, and easily accessible manner. Information policy is applied and coordinated to encompass holding meetings open to public, carrying out relations with investors and shareholders, and informing customers. The organization’s information disclosure policy is executed by Chairman Aclan Acar or person or persons to be authorized by him.

Doğuş Otomotiv adopts a holistic approach to all applications involving not only key partners but also individual and corporate investors and shareholders. In line with Corporate Governance Principles, our information disclosure policy is built on the foundation of monitoring Capital Market regulations and maintaining relationship with Capital Market institutions, meeting the information requests of shareholders and investors, enabling shareholders to exercise their rights, and also ensuring and coordinating necessary information flow in particular on General Assembly-related matters all the way to the website.

We hold investor information meetings where investors are offered information on market development, the company’s market share, sales amounts and revenues, and quarterly and accumulated profit and loss statements. Furthermore visits to showrooms and logistics center have been organized for individual and corporate investors to provide a closer look at the company operations. The company’s significant investments and other information we are required to disclose are shared with investors by means of mass media within the framework of CMB legislation. All kinds of information related to meetings are published on our website.

Ordinary General Assembly Meetings are held annually and all activities to ensure the participation of our shareholder in the General Assembly are recorded and carried out. The company’s annual reports are printed in compliance with the form and content defined by legislation, and also made available on the corporate website. Periodic financial statements and reports issued pursuant to CMB legislation and IFRS are submitted to Istanbul Stock Exchange and published, and then made available on the corporate website. These reports are delivered to institutions, organizations or individuals upon request. Corporate website ( is up-to-date and online.