Traffic is Life

The “Traffic is Life!” platform believes that the positive cultural transformation regarding traffic safety will contribute positively toward all areas of life, leading to livable cities and a better future. Accordingly the platform carries out activities aimed at changing the behaviors and habits of individuals from all age groups about traffic safety, raising awareness in the community, and building consciousness across different target segments.

As we create projects to serve the community of which we are a part, we also see that ensuring community’s involvement is essential for adopting those projects. Acting on this approach, the Traffic is Life! platform encourages the community to create and think through competitions it organizes, and draws attention to traffic safety. The Traffic is Life! platform will continue to launch interactive projects in the future and strive to spread the concept of fan customers by creating traffic ambassadors.

Traffic is Life for Children!

Every investment in and support for children is important in terms of looking to the future with confidence and contributing to a sustainable life. According to 2014 data, 29.4% of Turkey's population of 78.5 million people are children, and according to the same data, 413 children lost their lives in 2014 due to traffic accidents and nearly 50,000 children were injured in traffic-related accidents. Acting on this information, the Traffic is Life! platform prioritizes the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility practices related to traffic safety in Turkey, which can easily be defined as a “children’s country”.


  • The platform started a new project in 2016 to raise awareness about children’s safety in traffic and in vehicles, and launched the ‘Child Safety in Traffic’ initiative taking into consideration that the second most affected group from traffic accidents is the 5-14 age group, and that the number of children hurt in accidents in our country is increasing.
  • As part of the “Child Safety in Traffic” initiative, the “Child Safety in Vehicles” in Turkey study was conducted in late 2015 in Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara to create a roadmap and determine the actions to be taken. For the study carried out in cooperation with the Turkish National Police, 3,000 respondents were interviewed, and the results revealed once again the vital importance of child safety in traffic for our country. The study showed that among the families with children in the three major provinces of Turkey, only 23% use child seats.
  • Considering that psychological factors as well as lack of knowledge adversely affected the use of child seats, an advisory team was formed for the project. Professor Serpil Acar of Loughborough University and Professor Memiş Acar, who conduct important studies on pregnant women and child safety in vehicles, and acclaimed psychologist Professor Üstün Dökmen, known for his psychological counseling and guidance work, joined the advisory team for the Traffic is Life! project.
  • In order for the child seats to be embraced and adopted by children first, a short animation featuring the child seat as a super hero was shown in children’s cinemas during 2016. The animated film that reached 886,206 children in 1998 movie theaters was also featured on social and digital media.
  • Professor Üstün Dökmen’s viral film series where he talks about children’s psychology in traffic reached the parents via social media, and was viewed over 1.5 million times.
  • Social media influencers who are gaining more popularity in the recent years were also included in the communication activities of the “Child Safety in Traffic” project, and the training with mom bloggers that Professor Dökmen moderated received more than 8 million views.
  • The “Child Safety in Traffic” project collaborated with Kadıköy Municipality for local administration trainings, and content on mother-infant safety in vehicles was integrated into the “Pregnancy School” trainings.
  • The platform also collaborated with İtameks and Central Rent a Car, two private sector companies, to offer free child seats to families that rented cars at the İzmir Airport, emphasizing the importance of child safety in all areas that touch people.
  • The “Traffic is Life!” platform set up a booth at the Mother Infant and Child Fair on December 13-15 at the Istanbul Congress Center, and offered safe driving simulations and traffic safety trainings, reaching 8,713 parents that visited the fair.


Traffic is Life for Young People!


The Traffic is Life! Platform also carries out awareness raising activities among young people, as the future of the community and the most important force to change the traffic culture for the better, to ensure that they are protected from traffic accidents and informed about traffic safety.


  • Road Safety Distance Learning has reached over 20,000 students in 18 universities to date. It is the first Corporate Responsibility project to be included in the university SCORM system and in the ‘social elective course’ category with its traffic safety content recommended by the Higher Education Council (YÖK).
  • Road Safety Distance Learning was updated by Istanbul Technical University in 2016 in line with applicable regulations, and enriched with practical information that students can benefit from.
  • The ‘Public Announcement Competition’ was launched as the first broad scoped interactive competition about traffic safety with the aim of involving young people in the road safety agenda, and encouraging them to think and create about the issue.
  • The ‘Public Announcement Competition’ required participants to shoot a maximum 45-second video in short film format using their own scripts about one key message used in the communications of Traffic is Life; namely “Don’t Speed”, “Don’t Drive and Talk”, and “Fasten Your Seat Belt”. The owner of the winning project was offered the opportunity to re-shoot the video with Ömer Faruk Sorak, the acclaimed director of such films as G.O.R.A., Vizontele, and 8 Saniye.
  • The ‘Public Announcement Competition’ received 783 applications, 422 were found to be eligible, and of the 18 semifinalists 5 were invited to make a presentation before the jury on March 11, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
  • The five talented finalists presented their projects to the jury consisting of director Ömer Faruk Sorak, Hürriyet daily newspaper writer Elif Ergu, producer Oğuz Peri, and Doğuş Otomotiv Corporate Communications Director Koray Bebekoğlu. After deliberations, the jury chose Korhan Topçu as the winner with his film “Safety is the Future” about the trip of a family of 5 for conveying the main message most clearly and directly to the target audience.
  • The Traffic is Life! Platform reaches young people in different cities across Turkey through panel sessions virtual reality driving simulations and social media activity booths in universities. At an event organized in February 2016 at Bilkent University, 160 students were trained on defensive driving techniques and hundreds of students took the safe driving simulations.


Traffic is Life for the Community!

The Traffic is Life! platform, which bases its entire business model on a people-focused approach in order to create a livable future and leave a world with the culture of respect in traffic for younger generations, continues to reach all segments of the community through awareness raising activities to ensure the sustainability of its work.

The public announcement film “Safety is the Future” by the competition’s winner Korhan Topçu was shown on 88 channels more than 10,000 times, becoming one of the most shown films among all public announcements.

The Traffic is Life!, positioned as a platform that informs the community, posts vital data about traffic safety on social and digital media with the ‘Did you know…’ slogan.