Community Engagement Policy


Doğuş Otomotiv,

  • Appreciates the importance of road safety and values human life. The company is committed to providing necessary services for its products and services to be of high standards and to maintain their properties throughout their economic lifecycles.

  • Doğuş Otomotiv employees lead by example and act responsibly for road safety.

  • Is committed to selling products with high customer health and safety standards.

  • Is obligated to provide maintenance and repairs in highest standards and quality to ensure that the products sold preserve these standards throughout their economic lifecycles.

  • Conducts and manages informative and awareness activities on road safety through continuous dialog and cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations.

  • Ensures that its ethical principles are clear and accessible, and supported by wide participation. Approved by senior management, these principles are an integral part of the company’s corporate governance principles.

  • Strives to encompass all processes within the framework of ethical principles.

  • voids unethical situations such as fraud and abuse, and communicates necessary information to employees to raise their awareness and help them take responsibility. Initiates the establishment of fraud and abuse prevention mechanisms, and sets relevant goals.



Doğuş Otomotiv operates and delivers services under safe, humane and ethical working conditions. The company also respects the rights of the communities in the regions where it operates. Doğuş Otomotiv’s environmental and social responsibility policies include the welfare, development and growth of the community in which it directly exists. Accordingly, the company collaborates with various institutions and organizations, and strives to contribute to economic and social development. The society’s environmental, economic and ethical expectations from Doğuş Otomotiv are investigated with the help of several perception studies and surveys, and integrated into corporate strategies. Doğuş Otomotiv has no operations subject to environmental and social impact assessments.


As stipulated by Doğuş Otomotiv’s Code of Ethics, and Anti-Bribery and Anti-corruption Policy, accepting or offering bribes or kickbacks that constitute a legal crime, is strictly prohibited. Asking customers, suppliers, Doğuş Otomotiv competitors or third parties for personal loans, special privileges or discounts different from those offered to everyone, is also strictly prohibited.


Doğuş Otomotiv faithfully follows and abides by all laws and regulations that regulate anti-competitive behavior, or trust or monopoly practices.


Doğuş Otomotiv complies unconditionally with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries where it operates.