Early Risk Detection Committee

Gülden Özgül - Chairman

Koray Arıkan - Member

Gür Çağdaş - Member

Hasan Hüsnü Güzelöz - Member



  • The Committee shall review the efficiency of risk management systems at least once a year, updating them when necessary.
  • The Committee shall determine the schedule of its meetings, comprising at least four meetings per activity year.
  • The Committee may change the frequency of its meetings, based on the activities during the year. Changes in schedule, including relevant appendices and notifications, shall be presented to the Committee members in ample time prior to the next meeting.
  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors and/or the Head of the Committee may call extraordinary meetings as circumstances require.
  • Committee decisions shall be taken unanimously.
  • Committee activities shall be put into writing and archived, and the Committee shall provide information and reports of its activities to the Board of Directors information as often as required. The Board of Directors may require additional reports as necessary.