Doğuş Otomotiv’s vision is to provide creative and innovative services that surpass expectations.



Doğuş Otomotiv aims at being an automotive company that acts with the mission of:

  • Operating with a focus on achieving ultimate customer satisfaction,
  • Being well-informed about the industry and the market,
  • Understanding what its stakeholders expect, defining further expectations and seeking to meet them all with maximum satisfaction,
  • Employing creative and innovative workforce, and making good use of technologies,
  • Being reliable and trustworthy, and
  • Providing productive and profitable services across the entire automotive value chain.


Doğuş Otomotiv’s corporate strategy is built on three pillars; “Be sizeable, be close, be creative”.

“Be sizeable” – Doğuş Otomotiv pursues growth through systematic, efficient and profitable operations in the domestic and international markets in all branches where it provides services, and aims to build on its human resource as an outcome of such growth.

“Be close” – Doğuş Otomotiv seeks to understand what all of its stakeholders, and customers in particular, expect, and aims at quickly and efficiently surpassing these expectations.

“Be creative” – Doğuş Otomotiv believes that it can only stand out through creativity, and for that purpose forges competitive advantage in the market with constant innovation and an inclusive approach to product development, customer services and business concepts. Doğuş Otomotiv also develops measures to achieve leaner and faster processes with lower costs through teamwork.