DOD, the first and largest institutional used car brand in Turkey, became the symbol of “trust” in the sector with its customer oriented approaches, fast and flexible solution alternatives, developed infrastructure and widespread dealer network. DOD, a brand of Doğuş Otomotiv, engages in purchasing, sales, and trading of used cars of all brands, models and age through its nationwide authorized dealer organization.

In an environment full of uncertainties, DOD was established to standardize the purchase, sales and trading processes; provide universal high quality customer care; provide a service for vehicles with a known history; and be a brand that can be counted on in the used car market. DOD fulfils all the requirements of being a trustworthy institution and aims to offer a hassle-free process starting with determining and meeting customer needs, continuing with after-sales services.

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World of privileged services: Prime DOD

Prime DOD, which was developed by a special product/ service positioning in DOD system, actualizes the sales of luxurious segment vehicles through a distinctively structured organization. Every vehicle sold via Prime DOD possesses a 1 year standard Prime DOD Guarantee. Each vehicle is delivered to its new owner in an immaculate state after going through “Prime Esthetic” procedures i.e. a detailed cleaning and servicing process.

Virtual Expertise: Key DOD

Users are allowed a virtual expertise of their own vehicles on by the help of Key DOD’s user-friendly menus that are developed as a result of comprehensive infrastructure studies. This unique system, the first of its kind in the world, which enables its users to assign accurate values of their vehicles has brought a new dimension to used car sector in Turkey.

Key DOD is a meticulously developed system and is even able to tell the difference between the value depreciation of a fender dent and a ceiling dent and has taken over a pioneering and educating role in used car sector.