Traffic ls Life!

  • In order to get young people involved in the road safety issue, and encouraging them to think about and create for the traffic safety issue, the “Traffic is Life!” platform launched a widespread interactive contest about traffic safety as a first, and drew the attention of the public to traffic safety. The competition, which saw great interest, received 422 application in total, and the winner had opportunity to shoot his scenario as a public service announcement with famous Director Omer Faruk Sorak.
  • The platform also started a new project in 2016 to raise awareness about children’s safety in traffic and in vehicles, and launched the ‘Child Safety in Traffic’ initiative taking into consideration that the second most affected group from traffic accidents is the 5-14 age group, and that the number of children hurt in accidents in our country is increasing. In the scope of ‘Child Safety in Traffic’ Project, Traffic is Life Platform executed a comprehensive research in cooperation with the General Directorate of Security, in Istanbul - Ankara - Izmir. 3,000 respondents were interviewed, the study showed that among the families with children in the three major provinces of Turkey, only 23% use child seats.
  • Child Safety project advisor: Professor Üstün Dökmen’s viral film series where he talks about children’s psychology in traffic reached the parents via social media, and was viewed over 1.5 million times.
  • Collaboration is provided with Kadıköy Municipality for local administration trainings, and content on mother-infant safety in vehicles was integrated into the “Pregnancy School” trainings.
  • The “Traffic is Life!” platform set up a booth at the Mother Infant and Child Fair on December 13-15 at the Istanbul Congress Center, and offered safe driving simulations and traffic safety trainings, reaching 8,713 parents that visited the fair.
  • The “Traffic is Life!” platform was recognized with the “2016 Social Awareness Award” at the Business Summit organized by CSR Europe and Corporate Communications Association for its efforts, and also won in the Best Ambient and Urban Contribution categories at the prestigious Outdoor Advertising Awards.


traffic safety awareness

since 2004.

The "Traffic is Life!" was recognized with the

"2016 Social Awareness Award"

by CSR Europe and CCA.

The "Traffic is Life!" reached more than 2 mn people with

"Child Safety in Traffic Project"