TÜVTÜRK– a cash cow business of DOAS, Bridgepoint and TÜV SÜD

  • TÜVTÜRK consortium was granted by Turkish Privatization Administration the right to build & operate MVISs in Turkey for 20 years in exchange of US$ 552 million.
  • 189 fixed and 73 mobile inspection stations are fully operational as of end-1Q09, with an investment of US$ 300 million.
  • Operation fees were collected from the suboperators (Business associates (BA)) in exchange for the prepared stations for operations.
    • The BAs will share their revenues with the government: 1st-3rd years: 30%; 4-10th years: 40% and 11-20th years: 50%
    • ...and with TÜVTÜRK consortium: 1st-10th years 7% and 11-20th years: 20%
  • The MVIS business is expected to generate US$ 15 billion revenues in 20 years with US$ 2.5 billion EBITDA.
  • At the end of 9th year, nearly 55.1 million vehicles have been inspected, 19.3 million vehicles were re-inspected, 15.6 million vehicles underwent exhaust gas emission measurements and enabled over 17.6 million unsafe cars to return safely back into traffic once again.
  • In 2016, periodic inspections of 8.2 million vehicles were completed and 3.2 million vehicles underwent exhaust gas emission measurements.
  • TÜVTÜRK has opened the TÜVTÜRK Academy in order to further increase its service quality and to train its personnel in areas such as inspection quality, service standards, customer satisfaction, effective customer experience, and flawless operation. The Tüvtürk Academy will offer 770 days of training to 1,800 people annually.

rights to build & operate

20 years

in exchange of
US$ 552 mn

expected revenues

US$ 15 bn

in 20 years

expected ebitda

US$ 2.5 bn

in 20 years